Please help...How do I add a link?


Aug 14, 2006
Would someone please explain how to add a link to a picture or website? It is so much easier when one is able to click on "the underlined word" and it takes you right where you want to go. I just can't figure it out...Many thanks for your help. Ciatta
Ciatta.. no problem!!!

When you are posting a reply you will see some tabs above the writing box (starts with the A, Bold, Italics, Underline, Color...) The world with the "link" chain is the next tab (between the color option and the picture of the mountain). This is what you will use to type the link into!

Now if you want to say something like "Go here for link" and you would like that to be underlined and be a direct link- you Highlight the text that you want to be direct linked and then click on the world with the link chain and add the link.

Does that make sense?

Try on here on this thread and let me know if it works out ok for you!!
Are you highlighting the web address and pressing Ctrl & C together and then coming to this thread and pressing Ctrl & V at the same time?
Also, make sure there 's a space before and after, looks like you don't have a space between your words above and the address you're pasting.