Please big is your CHANEL dust bag for East/West flap?????

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  1. Hi all,

    Sorry that I'm asking this kind of question.

    The thing is that I bought a really :heart: East/West Flap during a trip to Vegas about 3 wks ago. I asked for a charge sent. After a few days, the bag came BUT WITHOUT a dust bag! So I called this SA to request an original dust bag and have her sent to me.

    After another 12 days wait, I finally got my dust bag. But I think it is way too small to fit in a East/West Flap. I measured it for 14.5" x 10". I have to put my bag other way around to go into the dust bag so it just fits. Is this the original dust bag for East/West Flap or did she just send me whatever is available or leftover?

    I'm just not happy about her service and delay. I paid $1595+, shouldn't I deserve a complete accessory? :crybaby:

    Or is it just me too overreact? Help me with the measurement of your East/West Flap dusting bag please!

    If this is not the original size dust bag for the E/W, I'm going to return it for her not okay service! :sad:
  2. The east/west dustbags are very small. I have to put it sideways for it to fit, but it's a perfect fit! Don't worry! :tup:
  3. ^ Yep, same here with mine :yes:
  4. yes mine too.
  5. yep it's quite small, there's no extra room, and as others have said you have to put it in sideways.
  6. I'm sorry you had to wait for your dustbag... but yes, all of the e/w dustbags are meant to fit the bag in sideways. :smile:
  7. Well the panel has spoken so I think you have no need to worry. Enjoy your new bag!
  8. My dustbag was a drawstring bag (about shoe bag size) and yes, it only fit the purse long-ways.
  9. oh and pictures please! I LOVE east/west flaps. Yummy!
  10. Yeah - mine fits weird too. It always struck me as the wrong bag. I don't know the dimensions of the bag, but I put the flap into it sideways, and there's still some poking out when I pull the drawstring. Also - it's wayyy wide, so there's all sorts of extra room width-wise.

    I was thinking that Chanel prob. didnt' want to cut bags just for the e/w flap - so they're just using the same bag for a bunch of different purses - and, well "One Size (sorta) Fits All".
  11. :tup: Thank you all for clearing my doubt! I appreciated it. :heart: here in tpf!

    Now I can enjoy my new E/W bag! :yahoo:
    Sina...will post pics soon when got home!
    Whistlerchic....yeah, I guess they are all "one size fits all"! :rolleyes:
  12. I have a similar experience. I bought my first and only Chanel, when I arrived home I noticed there wasn't the dustbag!! I asked here and I was suggest to give a call and request it. I did so and after some weeks I received an envelope with the dustbag. I was disappointed about they forgot it, but in the end I don't think it's so important. I don't think they do with the intention of not givin me one, they probably forgot because it was lunch time. It's human to make mistakes! So don't worry and enjoy your bag!!! :heart::yahoo: