Please HELP Hermes experts!!!

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  1. I have been wanting a red bag lately. I don't have any in my collection since I never cared to buy a red bag ever. Then my SA showed me a Rouge Casaque Evie just to try on. I fell in love. Ever since I have been asking for a Kelly in RC. The other day she called me and offered me a Kelly 28 Geranium GHW in togo. Should I take the plunge and get it or should i wait for RC? I also wanted to add that I'm heading to Paris end of May for an anniversary trip. Please anyone HELP me if you can....
  2. Sorry dear I can't help much as I love RED and I normally don't like to wait lol... Geranium GHW is as beautiful as RC but they are different red you should go check it out and you might find yourself in love again. I read that RC is retired thus you are waiting for back-order if your store is still waiting for the shipment. As for Paris, there is no guarantee that you will get offered and even if you do, may not be RC. Good luck. :hugs:
  3. Get the red evelyne
    As for geranium
    You have to like it
    Its very subjective
    Must suit your taste too
    Paris only 50% chance
    May or may not at all
    More so you wanted exact specs
  4. I have both colors and prefer RC. It's a true red, while geranium has some coral/orange undertones. Not sure if RC is retired, but a member here recently posted an RC kelly 28 she got in paris

  5. I second this! definitely go check out the geranium color in person to make sure you like it. In your post, you wrote you "fell in love" with RC red so it sounds like that is the color you want. Different shade is really a different color so make sure you like that color first!!
  6. definitely check it out, you'll never know if u never go.. hehe.. some considerations..ghw makes the bag a bit dressy especially in 28 size, i think.. is it in leather u ok with? (some ppl have absolute preferences).. is 28 the size u want? i got RC from fsh last month so its a possibility, but even if it's not retired there's no guarantee of being offered this color at fsh, so there's that.. sweet dilemma :sweatdrop:

  7. Thank you for responding. I asked the SM and she said no RC at all coming:sad: I saw the bag and love the color but the store has poor lighting. I saw red with pink undertone and orange. It's hard to decide coz it's my first red bag. The size and hardware is very hard to decline:sad:

  8. Thank you so much:smile: I've been researching this forum and very grateful of the amount of information a newbie can get. Thank you ladies and gents who took the time to contribute to this great forum:smile:

  9. Thank you for responding. I saw the bag in person and love it esp with ghw. I have till tomorrow to think about it:smile: I have a lot of Evelynes if I can't score a k in Paris I was thinking of getting a Victoria in RC if I'm lucky:smile:

  10. Omg lucky you:smile: I remember your post! I have been wanting a size 28! I will try my luck in Paris again. I was unlucky in 2014 in my first visit! I've been reading up the Paris thread and gained better knowledge this time around. Maybe my big belly will give me some luck. ( I will be 7 months prego by that time) crossing my fingers and toes!

  11. Thank you Giulina. Yes I agree saw the bag in person at the boutique it has pink/orange undertones. I love it esp with ghw. RC I can't get it out of my mind. I'll try my luck in Paris as well maybe I'll be lucky this time.

  12. Thank you for your response fineprint. Yes RC is my first choice definitely. I saw the geranium jelly at the boutique in person. The bag is on hold for me till tomorrow. I love the bag but it didn't make my heart skip a beat. It's hard to pass because I like the size,leather and hardware.
  13. Thank you so much for all your input. I think I know my decision already. I've been losing sleep over this for the past two nights! It's just a bag I know but only you lovely ladies here can understand my dilemma. Thank you for all your support. I love Tpf! I will update soon.
  14. Sounds good you make a choice & get to sleep through the night. I have RC KC, just perfect, not too big! Yes it is a rich & bold. Instead of waiting for K28 RC, maybe in Paris you can check out KC, KP in RC. Also have you can think about berline or Halzan (both can wear across body) which will be good hands-free bag as you will have a little one to look after too!
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