Please help! Help me choose from Cambon & GST!!!

  1. I am really Chanel newbie. I made a mistake. :shame: When I saw the pic of the Cambon large tote and felt in love with it. I though it was the GST you girls were talking about and right ordered it. After reviewing many reference, I realized I was wrong. Here are two pics grabbed from the lib. Can you guys help me to choose one from them, I really need educated :confused1: .



    The Cambon looks more cute and lovely but GST looks more classic and never be out. My SA said she could make exchange for me bug suggested me make desision after I receive and see the Cambon since it is a nice and hot bag. But Cambon is not that classic and seems on sale sometimes...:sad:

    Girls, please give me any comments:hysteric:
    I should get it done tommorrow last day. Chanel drives me crazy...
  2. my preference is the black grand shopping tote. it's classic and the caviar is durable so less likely to worry about it getting scratched.
    that and it seems like a lot of the younger teens have cambons and there's a lot of fakes out there. i see them everywhere. you should go with what you love the most!
  3. These are two very different looking bags. I like them both :yes: I'm a huge fan of the Cambon style, it's a fun line - I don't care who carries it. I also love the GST, it's so classy looking!!!!

    Can't you keep them both????
  4. Thanks, lilbluebear, you are making good point. :yes:

  5. I love them both! I have a cambon tote and a GST so I would say go with both if you can. The Cambon is a bit younger and fun but the GST is a timeless bag. If you can't buy both I think you should go with the GST because it's always a classic.
  6. I bought cambon first and now looking for GST.
  7. LambLovesChanel, thanks for your advice. To be honest to you, I like the Cambo as well. It matchs with my current style more. But I would like to wear GST in my 70s since it will never be out.

    I have to choose one. I've got one classic flap last week and scared to check the creditcard acount:wtf: ..

  8. I know the feeling :shocked: !

    I love the GST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Does anybody know the if the GST will get price hike for sure? My SA said the Cambon will go up for sure but need to check GST with NY.

    If GST won't go up. I'd love to get Cambon first...:rolleyes:

  10. ITA
  11. I remember that large cambon tote was 700 something nearly 800 pounds when it was newly out and now 895!

    Price has been added up to 100+ :sweatdrop: since then til now.


    I think Cambon is more trendy.
  12. I vote GST!!!!!! So classy...
  13. GST! :heart:

  14. I second that!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. I would go with GST. And even though it is classic, it still looks hot on younger girls, too. (Nicki Hilton carries hers alot) And the price is definitely going up on the GST by $300.