Please HELP HELP HELP This woman - At URGENT request

  1. Hi All, today I was on Ebay and two fake LV bags were going off so I went on to the lady who was selling them and there was a message at the bottom (where a buyer asks and you answer)...the message was about one of the bags and the seller Lynn (I think her name was) said "I do not know where all these listings have come from...PLEASE do NOT bid!"...So these listings for bags were unauthorized listings and had been put on her account unknowingly. She is relatively new to Ebay so probably doesnt know how she can be helped. The person who has took over her account has posted his
    e-mail address on the listings and now he has listed about 50 other fake LV bags on her account at buy it now prices. The longer this goes on, the more and more people will have paid for them. So here is her items eBay Seller: lynnemchapman: Fragrances, Health Beauty items on
    could you either report them or buy them now so people do not get conned out of money. I myself have reported it twice but I think that the more people, the more things ebay will do about it. Thanks :flowers:
  2. bump :smile:
  3. I would like to help, but I am not a member of Ebay.
  4. Buy then now- is that what you said????
  5. Thanks for your reply, I hope there are some Ebay members on here. Im trying to get the post noticed by bumping lol, Its just awful for this ebayer, I know myself how awful it is because I have had family members who accounts have been took over. I think that people are going to buy cheap fake LV :yucky: and these people are going to be robbed of cash :crybaby:
  6. This should be posted in the EBAY forum..NOT here.
  7. ask the lady report to Ebay..
  8. yeah I dont know any other way we can get people to not buy them. I was thinking that If we buy them then other people wont get robbed of money. Ive phoned 2 friends today who bought 2 bags so hopefully fingers crossed no one will have cash robbed from them. If you dont want to buy, You can report the listing to ebay. Any help will be great. I dont actually know this seller myself but I can only sympathize with her :crybaby:
  9. sorry Jill...Im dumb :Push:
  10. So if we buy them- arent we being robbed of our money- Sorry this does not make sense. You need to let this women go through the proper channels with Ebay to get this figured out. I would not get involved or involve others in this situation.. Just my 2 cents...:yes:
  11. anyone can report the post to ebay and they'll pull the listing. Once, I saw a pram and asked the seller a question about it and i got an email from ebay saying the posting was a fraud. I later saw the same pram listing under another seller and alerted ebay and the "seller".
  12. sorry, Its just that Im upset for this woman...the listings have been on from about 10 o'clock this morning (UK time and its 23:30 at night now) so Im worried because I see that some of the bags have sold. I do get too involved I admit :sad:
  13. Why won't the original account holder report it to Ebay ASAP:shrugs: . The only thing we can do is to report the items as fake ( go to 'report it' under the page) but NOT to hit BIN:sweatdrop:
  14. Why on earth would you suggest we buy this crap?
    Reporting it is the only thing to do.
  15. Im guessing that the person who has put the unauthorized listings up has changed her password and e-mail address with ebay by now :sad: