Please Help, have a keepall question

  1. I want to get a keepall but I was wondering if I should be worried about checking it. I want the largest one. Has anyone had any problems with this?

    I was wondering if I should just get regular luggage and then get some kind of vuitton smaller carryon instead so that I would have it at all times.

    What would you do?
  2. I dont have a keepall 60, but i have the 50 and 55 and i have never had a problem with them.
  3. so you check them, i read some horror stories about them being switched and stuff
  4. I wouldn't check them. Too many stories. I just bought the 55 (second to largest size) because I can use it as a carry on. I don't want to have to worry about it!
  5. so have you had probs on smaller planes with the 55 ever being too big to fit in overhead bins?

    sometimes on small planes the storage is super limited
  6. I take my 55 everywhere..even on smaller planes it's never been a problem. I often stuff it under the seat also.
  7. I have the 55 and 60 and would never check them. I always carry it on. checking will get so banged up and possible stolen. LV is too expensive to go in the cargo area of a plane.
  8. do not check your Louis Vuitton luggage of any size. It is like a red flag to thieves, and others have had their bags gone through by baggage handlers, some just never make it to their destination.

    use something inconspicuous for checked luggage, but get something that can be carried on that is LV, like a 45 or 50 that can be smushed into the overhead compartment.
  9. unless you have no worries about your check-in bags then go for the 60. otherwise, i would suggest the 55 since i know you can either check it in or use it as a carry-on. good luck!
  10. For carryon size, I'd go with the 45 or 50- the 55 or 60 will be too big for a lot of short-haul planes (Horizon air, etc.). But I was able to take my Burberry duffle (which is about the size of a 60) on a longer flight to Hawaii.
  11. I have a 55 that I use as a carryon and it's been with me on all kinds of flights and planes. Though, if I could choose again, I'd go with something smaller like a 45 or 50 (or even better - a pegase!) because 55 is a hassle to drag around because of its size..
  12. thanks all. i think i will get a smaller carry on and just use my reg old luggage as a checked item
  13. i would never check in my LV luggage.. tooo scary :yucky:
  14. No matter what I would get it with the shoulder strap. You may regret it if you don't get it, but there's nothing to regret if you get it without.
  15. I have the 55 with shoulder strap and check it in once and they arrived safely back to me.. !! The only reason I was checking it in was the gate was too far and I stuff too much things in to the bags and I have trouble carrying it around... It is a little too heavy for me.