Please help! Has anyone seen THIS RING in stores?

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  1. I have no info for you, but wow! That's fabulous!
  2. I don't have any info either but have to say it is GORGEOUS! I'll keep my eyes open for you!
  3. nightshade - from the box it looks like the ring was from the 2000 collection which might make eBay your only hope :sad: I hope you're able to find it, the ring is very pretty!!
  4. apparently its part of the classic chanel accessories collection and is still available now! but its sold out in australia :crybaby:
  5. ^ groupie, i saw this range in the chanel back in singapore over easter break. maybe give jess a ring?
  6. Oohhhhh, is that gorgeous!
  7. Oooh I just bought this ring! Incidentally from the Singapore store, last one there. It was S$460 which I think was pretty good value. When I saw it in the display cabinet I assumed it was going to be $1000+ or something ridiculous. It's even better in real life. I don't like this new Chanel jewellery packaging though.
  8. they had it at the chanel boutique in waikiki--i was just there for vacation and tried it on. hope that helps!!!
  9. I saw it in a Hong Kong Chanel shop a few weeks ago. It has now been sold but the SA said it will be coming into the stores again later (but don't know when).
  10. Nightshade have you found the ring yet?

    When you said it's part of the classic collection, do you mean along with other items like the crystal CC studs, timeless classic pearl necklace etc they make it pretty much every season?
  11. hey Cicci! according to the sydney SA (mr. frenchie! i can see why so many girls like him, he was so helpful), and the singaporean SA u recommended, its pretty much available every season, which is why i'm hoping somewhere out there, i'll be able to track down one soon!