Please Help!!! Has Anyone Seen This Red Flap?

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  1. Have you seen it at NM, Saks, or Chanel Boutiques? Or does anyone know what season it was from?

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  2. nice! I want to know too!
  3. I saw this one on ebay, I was wondering how much to offer, then I notice the seller took away the offer option. I am also bit concerned with the item is in HONG Kong, if I would get into trouble with exotic skin, custom tax, etc..
  4. It was from early 2007 and sold out last year. Very few stores got that piece to begin with; I heard Saks altogether ordered 13 pieces in total of the red python in that jumbo size. I had three SA's at Saks/NM/boutiques hunt down that bag for me last fall and got the last piece from Saks (NM was all out at that point). They re-introduced that ligne/style in black & beige python this year but not the red. I LOVE that red's the exact same shade as Nicole Richie's red (a very bright bright red, quite diff't from the '07 red on the classic flaps....but it's still got silver h/w which I prefer to gold when contrasted with red); just haven't gotten the chance to ever use mine as I'm still waiting for a fancy event to take it out to (not sure when that's going to happen).
  5. may I ask how much was the retail price?
  6. Thanks foxycleopatra for the info. Do you happen to know if it was available in the medium size at all?
  7. Would ypu know where I can find that? I would love to own one...
  8. Trendy1 -- No, it was not available in a medium, just the jumbo size. I recently inquired of Chanel 1-800 re the medium and if there was anything showing for fall and they said no. However, there is or was one on ebay a few days ago.