Please help...has ANYONE seen the louboutin iowa mary jane peep toes in stores?

  1. i know Barney's carries them but they dont have my size...i've tried calling around with no success ...has anyone seen them in a dept store or local store somewhere? in a nude color
    here's the pic of the green ones...i was looking for nude...thanks so much!
  2. Net Porter
  3. Last week I saw the Iowas in nude patent at the CL boutique on Madison Ave. The heel may have been 4" instead of the lower heel that's on NAP, but I don't remember exactly.

    The Madison boutique had the lower heeled version in red leather and black leather as well, but I thought the patent was more stunning.

    Good luck!
  4. saw these at the NM in newport beach definitely in the black, and i *think* the nude...
  5. I saw them at NM in Miami (Bal Harbour) but only in least on display)