Please Help (Had NPB)

  1. . . . so, I had my first non paying bidder a week ago. ( A sniper that came along at the last minute and had 0 transactions!) I guess this is some eBay version of a prank? . . . (I don't know! . . .I'm a relatively new seller)
    Anyway . . .I filed a "non paying bid" dispute with eBay. Now, how long do I have to wait before I can offer it to the next bidder? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Unfortunately eBay thinks it's reasonable to basically allow a buyer 14 days to pay... 7 days until you can file the NPB and then another 7 days while you wait for a response or payment from buyer, after that the NPB case is closed.

    You can do a 2nd chance offer to the next highest bidder now, but if the original buyer magically pays you'll have to refund and risk a negative feedback for not selling it to them!
  3. Wow. . . ebay really IS a "buyers market" I guess! . . . Not so good for sellers! How do I get to the "second chance offer" screen to offer it to the next person?
    (I think I'll risk it with the "dead head" since I sent two pleasant messages and got nothing back!)
  4. You don't have to wait, you can do it now!
  5. To do a second chance offer, just the drop down box next to your item in the 'sold' section of my Ebay. One of the options on the box is 'second chance offer'.

    If your second person no longer wishes to buy, once you have closed the NPB (you can do this after 7 days if the buyer doesn't respond, or immediately if they do), then you will get a relisting credit if you wish to relist & also the final value fees will be refunded to you.

    I've had a lot of NPBs recently - I think it is summer & younger people have a lot of time on their hands and no money.

    If the person doesn't respond to the dispute, they are not allowed to leave feedback, which means you can give them a negative without them responding, warning other sellers that they don't pay!
  6. Thanks for your help! Such a waste of time and energy, eh? . . . (You'd think people would have better things to do!. . . )
  7. I had a bidder (who one and sniped of course) their feedback rating was 50% They had 3 negs this year. Why does Ebay let them stay on I filed a NPB and left super negative feedback. They wouldn't respond to emails ARRRRRRR!
  8. They probably appealed one or two of their non paying strikes and got them removed. OR the sellers didnt close out the dispute which gives the strike. You can block -1 and worse bidders in your seller preferences.
  9. I'm a little confused . . . is the only way to get my "Final value fees" and a relisting credit to wait another 7 days?
  10. Yes - the only way you can wait less than 7 days is if the buyer responds in the dispute. Then you can close it straight away. In effect, this means that you have to wait 15 days from the close of auction (I usually give 7 days to pay, then another 7 for the Unpaid item dispute) before you get any money - which is WAAAY too long.

    Unfortunately, there's no real way around this.
  11. Unfortunately yes