Please help! Gucci flora....

  1. I have this bag in my Bergdorf's cart.. Can't decide. What does everyone think?
  2. I think that bag is VERY cute. The only downside is that the canvas may pick up dirt and the flaps on the pockets are vachetta leather--so you'll get some patina like the LV's. If you're ok with that then go for it. But if you want the bag to stay "pristine"--you're going to need to limit its use...
  3. I know it can most likely get dirty easily and is seasonal unless you live in a warmer climate but I love the flora! I saw a the large hobo style IRL several weeks ago and it was amazing:heart: I searched everywhere for one but couldn't find it....
  4. I have one in a tote..its so cute IRL!
  5. Very beautiful! but i don't like so much that bambù handle, i prefer a vacchetta handle
  6. I'm neutral
  7. I love the print for the warm weather or the summer time. But I like the large obo one in this print better
  8. I like the floral. It's beautiful IRL. But those pockets on the front ruin it for me. It's like they were stuck there as an after thought. I think it would be much cuter without the pockets.
  9. I love the flora pattern in general, but I have to say that I don't like the pockets either. I do like the bamboo handle though.
  10. I LOOOOOOOve the floral print. I think you should go for it!!!
  11. I think its wonderful! Love it, you should so get it.
  12. overall, LOVE it. what did you decide?
  13. I love the bamboo handles! And the vachetta makes it a bit more high-maintenance, but probably no more than the coach or lv vachetta. I say get it! The pattern is loveeeely.
  14. I love the floral bags they are so nice.
  15. I love the floral print (I have the large hobo). Love the bamboo handles but based on experience with other double-bamboo handle bags they will rub together and get scratched and scuffed. If you can live with that then you should go for it. I sprayed my bag with Scotchguard and it seems to help. It isn't an everyday bag for me but just looking at it makes me happy
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