Please help GUCCI experts!

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Dior Addict

Oct 2, 2008
I recently discovered the Gucci INDY bag.
It is definitely the next bag I want to get.
While trying to find my perfect INDY, I came across two sites that I am not quite sure what to think about and was hoping some of you would know a little about them.
The first one is they have the bag I want but there is nothing about their bags being authentic, I am not a GUCCI expert so the bag looks fine to me, but I am not sure what to look for. Does anyone know anything about this site?
I tried sending an email to their customer service but it came back as "undeliverable", that made me leery.....

The second one is they do claim their bags are authentic, but then again I am not sure, this INDY bag is considerably cheaper than it was even at the Gucci Outlet.

I would really appreciate any help or insight on this sites.

Thank you all.......
Not open for further replies.