Please help - going to Paris next week!!

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  1. Hello ladies :smile:)))

    I have been reading this fabulous forum for a while and really need your help!! PLEASE!!

    I am going to Paris with my husband next week and I am hoping to buy my first birkin bag there! Crossing my fingers! I have been on the waiting list in Hermes - Vienna, VA for over 2 years now. Hoping my dreams will come true!!

    I know there is a thread about shopping in Paris but I can't seem to locate it. Can someone please send me the link or help me with the following:

    1) Which of the 3 stores in Paris bring in the most birkin bags? If it's the flagship store - which one is that one?
    2) What time of day should I go?
    3) Is there a SA I should ask for?

    Thank you soooooooo much in advance!!! :smile:
    Hermes Lover
  2. I would advise to go to all 3 and if they dont have what you want the first day, keep going back your entire vacation.
    Congrats and Have so much fun.
  3. Thank you so much ReneH & PrincessFrog!!! The information you both provided was very helpful :tup:
  4. i read your post and had to laugh--i absolutely hate the vienna store. i spent so much money there. i definitely believe in supporting Hermes as a brand. I am not a birkin only person. I bought such a variety of items including other bags and I was never able to get anything from them special order or birkin -wise.
  5. Sorry to go off topic.

    Hermesaholic and Hermes Lover, I also go to the Vienna boutique; it has been at least 5 years. I love the scarves. I put my name on the waiting list about a year ago. It wasn't offered to me, I asked about it. I'm not in a hurry to get a bag but I would like one eventually.

    Do either of you know of other Hermes customers who have noticed the same issue? Do you think I should look into other avenues to get a Birkin or Kelly?
  6. Hermesaholic - Ditto - I hate the Vienna Store too!!! I am looking forward to going back there (crossing my fingers) if I get my birkin bag in Paris and tell them to take me off their supposed "wish list" that I have been on FOREVER. I will continue to hunt for Birkins/kellys bags during trips to Europe which is usually at least once a year.
    bprimuslevy - I have been going to the Vienna store for over 8 years. None of my friends have been successful in obtaining a birkin expect for one but she didn't get the actual bag she got the birkin luggage. I would say the problem with this store is that they really don't get a lot of birkins b/c they don't have the traffic & consumers like in NY or CA do, so Hermes sends them very few bags a month. This could be why their list takes forever. I am just guessing. Another thing - I hardly ever see any women in the VA/MD/DC area carrying either the Kelly/Birkin bag and if I do it's once in a bluemoon while I am shopping at Neimans. If possible try to take a trip to Paris - I am going to try my luck there!! I will give you full report when I return.

  7. its hard to know................good luck in Paris. i think most people who go to the Paris stores find something there they are pretty pleased with!
  8. Have fun in Paris (like that will be hard to do). I hope you find a fabulous Birkin/Kelly. It will be a couple of years before DH and I take a trip. We have a 2 year old and one on the way.

    I'm going to keep hope alive and maybe, maybe the bag I want will come. I don't think I'm looking for something too exotic -- a 30 cm Birkin Rouge H Box.
  9. you will find a birkin in Paris if you are not too picky with the leather or color. Box is kind of hard b/c they don't usually stock box birkin in store.
  10. Good luck and have a wonderful trip! I hope you find your dream bag.
  11. hei hermes lover, are you going to any other cities? you got better chances if you go to cities other than Paris, try cannes, florence, etc
    I'm going to Paris too end of june 2007 but i doubt i can get birkin there! and forget about the waiting list....i wouldn't want to wait that long for my dream bag:P
  12. Never been to Paris but I just wanted to wish you a nice time!!!
  13. ^^same here:smile: good luck and have fun!
  14. This is such a disappointment, :tdown: I will be travelling to Vienna in Oct and was hoping that there is something for me at Hermes Vienna.