Please help!! Going insane.....

  1. Help!!! I am new to the whole Chloe-mania. I decided that I wanted a new bag and thought I'd look around to see what was good. I ended up liking the look of the Balenciaga Motor City, the Jimmy Choo Ramona, and the Paddington.

    Now, I'm OBSESSED with the Paddington! My husband is being REALLY good but he just doesn't quite appreciate the subleties of my obsession and I need some girl help!!

    In a week I think I've read nearly everything there is to read and was just about to buy a Black one off NAP with white stitching and gold hardware. But, now I'm stressing (and I'm allowed to be shallow right!) whether people will think it's fake because it has gold hardware and white stitching. So, I'm thinking I should just get the Black with brass and black stitching. But, I like the one with white stitching...... I don't overly care what people think, but obviously I do enough if I'm even having this dilema at all!

    Do people still assume someone's bag is fake if it has gold hardware? Does anyone have the Black/Gold/White Stitching? Is it really gold, or is it brass......?? Please help!!

    I can't see the bags in person as there is NO Chloe stockist in NZ believe it or not!! So, if anyone has pics of their's in either variety they could show me that'd be great!

    My other fav is the Metallic in Mouse with silver hardware and that is tempting too!

  2. My motto is... "JUST BUY IT!" hahaha
  3. I never heard anything about a black paddy with white stitching and gold hardware being fake, did you read it somewhere? Anyway, I got my black paddy from net a porter, only I don't like the white stitching so I got the black. Here is a picture of mine. I bought her this year.
  4. Great, thanks! I guess it was the "gold" bit that had me worried as that has been, up until now, one of the sure-fire fake tells, i.e. not brass etc....
  5. also, if you have waited this long, I would so be tempted to wait a couple of weeks more and see if the paddy goes into the sale at NAP. Its quite likely that they will, and you would be soo sad if you pay full price and then see it reduced :smile:
  6. Yeah, I was just thinking about that. But, if it hasn't gone on sale (that style) in the US sale is it likely to go on sale in the UK/Intl one??
  7. It doesnt follow atall in the sales, alot of items that go on sale in the UK are v different to the US ones, and also, it is very unlikely to sell out in the next couple of weeks, as very few people will consider buying a full price bag at the moment, as so many boutiques would reduce, so I would definitely say it is worth taking the chance of waiting (but ofcourse I know how exciting it is to get your first bag, and us girls are not blessed with patience lol ;))
  8. Thanks Chloe-babe!! I will wait! I think.....!!! Now I know I want one it's hard, but for the sake of my marriage I should wait for the sale just in case!! Worst case, it doesn't go on sale and I just waited a couple of weeks longer. Thanks so much for the advice, I'm so new to the sale seasons etc.!!
  9. Exactly, that would be my feeling. Even if worse case scenario it hasnt gone on sale, atleast you will know for sure that you tried to get the very best deal possible.

    Also, keep checking out the Chloe shopping pages, and the deals and steals pages, because alot of other stores might also be willing to ship to Oz, that are popping their paddys on sale :yes:

    Its a great time to be getting into paddys really, as some good deals are finally available!!! :biggrin:
  10. :roflmfao: welcome to the obsession that is the Paddington. I'm hoping to get my first soon too. I just can't decide which one I want :shrugs:.

    Choose the one you will love - forget what other ppl will think.
  11. Welcome to the madness! It is amazing, you will love the paddy! I have the Mousse medium satchel (SH), and a Chocolate N/S Hobo (GH). Just go for the one that you fall in love with! You just cannot go wrong!
  12. You're all right! I should get the one I really LOVE! And I will. I'm taking Chloe-babe's advice and holding out to the sale to see what happens. End of the day I know I will get one someway, somewhere, somehow!

    I also think I SAW my first (real) Paddy today when I was out - I only saw it walking by and had to get my husband to stop me stalking it! It looked amazing, and just what I'd hoped it be!!!! It was in a kind of tan colour....