Please help givenchy antigona

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  1. Hi everyone. I really want to purchase a givenchy antigona but I'm not sure if I want large or medium. I really like the size in these pics. Is that medium? Have they both got the same size? Also I'm unsure of gold or silver hardware? If I could see pics of both I would really appreciate it. I can't tell if it is gold or silver in the pics? Thanks so much :smile:
    Sorry I don't know how to attach more than 1 pic so please check out her carrying the bag here:
  2. Yes its a med. Not sure what u mean by "have they both got the same size"
  3. Hello all,
    i am really wanting to buy a givenchy antigona for christmas but im really struggling with what size to order. i LOVE the size Zoe Saldana is carrying here. I think its the medium? I also love the size the model is carrying. If anyone has a pic of all 3 sizes lined up i would REALLY appreciate it!

    thanks so much
    ZoeSladana2011_03_05_AtLAXAirport16.jpg zoe-saldana-and-givenchy-antigona-duffle-gallery.jpg givenchyantigonazoesaldana.png tumblr_lx7gb4k5Rs1qzqua1o1_500.jpg
  4. Yes, it is SO beautiful! wow you have amazing taste :smile:
    yes you made the good choice in keeping the small. it looks wonderful on you. However im 5'9 so im wondering if maybe the medium would look better in ration to my height. The model in the photo and zoe appear to be holding the medium?
  5. Thanks! And I'm not sure...the first pic of Zoe sort of looks like the small but the other pics look more like the medium. Have you tried the sizes on in person? I would definitely recommend it if you haven't already. But since you're quite a bit taller than me I think the medium would look great and not as overwhelming as it did on my frame. I really like the medium too - it all comes down to what you plan on using it for and how much room you need.
  6. unfortunately all the stores that are around me dont stock this particular bag :sad: but thank you so much for your help :smile:
  7. I'm pretty sure the bags carried by Zoe and the model are both medium size. I'm 5'7" and I think the small is a better fit for me. I can "pull off" the medium, but it looks kinda like carry-on luggage. It looks a lot bigger on me than it does on Zoe and the model, even though I think I'm about the same height or taller than Zoe. What color are you thinking of getting? If you do a search, there is another forum member here who bought the small antigona and is 5'9" and posted modeling pics.
  8. yes they are both medium sizes
  9. for your height OP, i think you should get the medium.
  10. I love the Antigona a lot and regretted not getting it when I was in Paris recently. I hesitated because it was really hard to sling the bag for the small size. But the bag is really too pretty to be missed. :crybaby:

    I personally find the medium size a bit heavy... now eyeing the small size in red!!!
  11. Im hoping to get the black goat skin with silver hardware :smile:
    wow is there any way you could post the link to that forum? that would be
    SO helpful.
    thanks so much
  12. Yes i love how classic it is! i will still be using it in 50 years!
    i also LOVE the red. Hope you get it :smile: