PLEASE HELP GIRLS!!! my friend wants to sell me a Calcaire first...

  1. It comes with all tags, dustbag etc.
    It's in perfect condition!!!!
    She wants me to make an offer.
    I'm not sure how much to offer her.

    So my question is.
    What is the max (because she's my friend and I love her) you'd pay for a used, pristine calcaire first?

    *sigh* MORE bags...

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. I'd pay close to retail, but.... it's such a great color...
  3. Oo! Calcaire! Well, retail is what... $995? If you are trying to bargain, I'd ask if she'd accept $850 - $900 first. I think that's fair for both you and your friend. Good luck!!
  4. Between $800 to $950 range, depending on how desperate she wants to sell her bag.
  5. murasaki
    your eggplant is to die for!!
  6. I agree with murasaki, $850 to $900, and see what she says :biggrin:
  7. Definitely $850-$900
  8. I think that sounds about good ($850 - $900 I mean) :smile: Ooooohhh~~~ another b-bag? lucky lucky lucky!!!
  9. Thanks Ranskimmie! ;)
  10. My goodness I wish I had friends like that!
  11. calcaire is one of the coveted colors and sells pretty close to retail even used. and this one is in primo condition. lucky girl!
  12. BOUGHT IT!!
    She offered it to me for a low low price.
    I'm so excited!
    I'll post pictures later this week when she arrives!!
  13. !! Congrats! God, I love calcaire. ;_;
  14. Wooooo - congratualtions!
  15. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!!!