Please help! Gift for boyfriend

  1. Hi everyone, I need a little help. My boyfriend just got accepted in a top school for his MBA. :yahoo: He's going away for 2 years, :crybaby: which is really sad for me since he'll be on the other side of the continent, but I wanted to get him a nice going away present. Problem is he has almost everything and anything I suggest, he said let's wait until he finishes school.

    We've been together for 9 years, so I wanted to get him something really nice. I was thinking of a white gold band that I could get engraved. Is that too engagement like? We do plan on getting married after he finishes, but he has yet to ask me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. How about that camera thing you attach to your computers so you can talk and see each other? Maybe a nice agenda from LV or a beautiful leather briefcase would be something he could use every day. Just some thoughts.
  3. How about a posey ring, you can choose the phrase (max: 18 characters) to customise it with:

    Kathryn Riechert

    Or a compass ring from the same seller:


    I like this part where Kathryn says:

    "Most importantly though is the fact that it has been stamped with N, S, E, W. Symbolic of a compass, the marks are a reminder to know where you are going in life (it is a journey after all!)."

    She has gotten superb feedback:
  4. if you really want to give him something special you could consider getting him an Ipod or something with all your favourite songs on it. so he can listen to them while he is gone. . .so he can think of you everytime he he listens music. . . :smile:
  5. I wouldn't do the ring, unless he is really, really secure.

    I would go for something more sentimental, a photo album of the two of you and friends and family he will miss while he's gone...something along those lines.
  6. I agree...a ring my scare him a little bit.

    Something nice, to remind him of you might be nice. I like twinkle.twink's phot album suggestion.
  7. I like the photo album idea, but we don't have tons of pictures together. I got him an Ipod a few years ago and he never uses it! :girlsigh: We both have webcams, so that doesn't really work.

    The compass ring sounds pretty good to me, I'll have to drop a few hints to him to see if he'll like it. I also like the idea of the briefcase, but his parents are getting him a new labtop, so they'll probably get him a case to go with it. The school also sent him a new leather portfolio, so he doesn't really need that either.

    Please keep your ideas coming! Thanks to all!
  8. Hi,
    My boyfriend really likes technology type toys - what about a palm or a treo, or a new camera?
    Or what about creating a blog where you two could write each other things every day almost like a diary type thing.
    Or if you can knit or crochet - what about making him a blanket.
  9. Does he have a Blackberry or similar thing? When my husband did his MBA, his toughest task was organizing his time, especially once interships started.
  10. My bf & I are no strangers to long distance... I think framing a really cute picture or doing an album of photos is a good idea... also, maybe think more in experiences rather than material things... a weekend away for the two of you before he leaves? or a surprise visit when he's already moved. I surprised my bf one weekend when we were doing long distance, this particular visit was now about 3 years ago and he still mentions it as one of the best things I did for him. I still remember the look on his face when he saw me waiting in his lobby as he was coming home that day:smile:
  11. i like blackberry idea :smile:
  12. I think I like the blackberry idea too. He is relatively organized, but I think it would help him. Now to decide on the model...Thank you all for your help!