Please help!! Giant gnats taken over bathroom....

  1. Eeeeek! Big reddish-colored gnats have taken over m bathroom!! I don't know how they got in there or what they're living off of. Ewww, so gross. They just multiple and multiple so my swatting at them when they land on the mirror isn't working.

    Any advice? So gross, please help me! Eeeep! :amazed:
  2. you may have to "bomb" the room. only make sure everyone (including pets) or anything else you don't want to die is out of the house for a couple of hours. Any grocery store should carry them. Raid makes a pretty good one.

    by "bomb" I mean the foggers. not an actual bomb.
  3. i recommend the foggers, too! my boyfriend's kitten infested the house with fleas, and we tried everything, and the fogger was the only thing that ever helped.
  4. I had a couple but it was in the kitchen. I vaccumed most of them then put out a dish with water and vinegar in it. I added a couple drops of dish soap and I caught that last few ones there. Not sure why it worked but someone told me that and it worked for me. A friend tried that and it didn't work for her until she added cranberry juice instead of vinegar.

    If I were to have more of those, I'd bomb it. It would've saved me lots of worry and aggravation.
  5. Thanks, Kathy! I tried the vinegar and water. They ARE attracted ot it but they're just kinda hanging around the bowl. Are they supposed to drown in the vinegar-water?
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  7. How many are there? Maybe wear a cloth mask, go in there and shoo them out the window with a broom or something? have you tried that?
  8. Is it only in the bathroom? The only reason why I ask is that I had a problem with some small gnats only to find out that it was a box of unopened dog biscuits that was INFESTED. They had apparently eaten their way out of the cardboard and just dying by the hundreds. I about had a heart attack from being grossed out when I found it because I would have never guessed it in a million years. Anyways, no more scooby snacks for my dogs EVER.

    I would try to locate the source and then go from there. Because right now, you're just battling the "symptoms". Good luck, Intlset. I will attest to the Raid foggers are fantastic too, but that can be a pain in terms of isolating everything.
  9. can someone tell me what gnats are????...*feeling kinda dumb*
  10. MissV they are little bugs.
  11. Wish I could. There are tons. Unfortunately, my window is tiny plus it has a screen I can't remove.
  12. This vinegar thing is not working. They're just really attracted to it but it's certainly not killing them. I guess I'll have to try the fogger. Can someone recommend a brand? My bathroom is TINY, so I guess it'll be extra potent for me and the bugs.
  13. hm, did you check the sink and shower for any mildue/sweet stuff? in my experience ive noticed they come around when something hasnt been cleaned in a few days or when there is sticky stuff ie. food etc.
    i got a very very few once when i didnt do my dishes for lik 4 days LOL...i had finals lol
  14. Yeah, I just can't find the source.
  15. IntlSet, did you check your bathroom for any small openings where these gnats might be coming through? Eg, cracks in the walls, small holes in awkward-to-see areas of the bathroom, holes in the screen in front of a window, etc...
    How about checking if there is a small dead animal (eg, a mouse, rat, small squirrel) inside the walls. If there is a dead mouse, that would obviously attract bugs as well.
    In the meantime, spray your bathroom with Raid and open the windows (so that you don't breathe in the fumes).