Please help...First OR Day?


Violet First or Violet Day?

  1. First--you know you love the style, don't fix what's not broken!

  2. Day--you know you want to cross over to the dark side and join the Day club!

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  1. I tried to post this yesterday but I don't think it went through:

    First has always been my favorite bbag style, and when Violet was announced, I knew I just had to get that in First. BUT lately I've been secretly thinking about the Day, which one should I get?

    I'm 5'6", size 2-4, I wear suits by day and jeans by night. With the Day, I do have a couple of concerns--too big on me and in reality for me--I don't like to carry my whole life with me when I go out. Also, one of the reason I didn't like the Day when it first came out was because the way the bag folds, the zipper doesn't open and close smoothly along the top.

    I usually carry the following everyday: long wallet(think continental), cellphone, makeup bag, agenda(small), big thing of keys, business card holder, pen, and every so often my sunglasses(big) OR a bottle of water.

    What do you think? I'd love to see some pics of those who are similar size to me carrying the Day. Any advice/comments are welcomed! TIA!
  2. I say, go for the day! It's different and can hold so much more than the first (although I love the first as well!).
  3. ... also, it look fabulous when carried (not so fabulous lying flat ;)!

    If I were your height I would have gotten it MUCH sooner (I'm 4'' 11')! Go for it! (I'm assuming you already have at least one First?).

    Actually IMO the First and the Day are the two best looking bbags of all time. :okay:
  4. go for the day. I have both. the First is really too small for everyday. I use it for evening. But the day is so comfortable and perfect in so many ways. It has become my favorite style.
  5. Bizaar--Thanks for the links, the Day bags are so pretty!
    Lordguinny, lorrmich & Bizaar--Tempting...very tempting:smile:
  6. my vote is for the day...the I love the slouchy style and is big enough to carry all my stuff
  7. First vote at all?
  8. I'm the devils advocate and vote for the First... I think I did vote in your original thread though... if thats your love, get it... but then again, you already have the lilac first... so maybe a day would be a good alternative/change??? oops... I'm not really helping here am I??? :p
  9. The day style rawks! And... it has a big inside pocket! And it fits over the shoulder so nicely!:tup:
  10. Ali--LOL, finally a First advocate;) All these speculations, I just can't wait to see Violet in person, maybe that would help me make a decision:smile:

    Did my first poll(posted yesterday) actually got posted? I thought it didn't go computer at work went kaput just when I clicked on the button. Oops if it already did!
  11. chriseve i'm on the same both as you - except i'm debating between the day and the work in violet. i flip back and forth between the 2 styles. I'll have to wait and see them in violet before I can truly decide.

    good luck!
  12. i am not a fan of day at all but love the first in any colour so FIRST :yahoo:
  13. it is time to cross over and join the day club. i am 5'1" and i don't think the day is too big for me.
  14. The FIRST is what attracts me to Balenciaga bag at first! I bought a FIRST bag...then, a few months later, pick a DAY. If you like the look of a handheld bag, the FIRST is really nice. I think the FIRST doesn't look too good as a shoulder bag. If you carry a bottle of water, I don't think it will fit with all your other stuff in there. On the other hand, the DAY bag is more functional & it looks gorgeous even without having much in there. :tup: You really don't have to carry your own life with you even if you use a big bag! Have you consider getting a GH DAY bag? It won't fold as much as the RH DAY bag as the zipper is bigger. :p