Please Help: First LV Bag

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I know all of you are very nice, I really need your help. I am thinking to a buy myself my first LV bag. I am consider either a Speedy 30 or mini looping, I like the way that the Speedy looks, however I prefer shoulder bag so I can carry it around easily. And my budget is limited, I don't want to go beyond $800. Please give me some advice which one is a better choice. Thanks.
  2. speedy is a great 1st bag!!! i think you should go into a LV boutique and try on bags and decide from there what you like!!!!
  3. Speedy 30 !!!
  4. Speedy 25/Speedy 30
  5. It seems Speedy is a better choice. Thanks for all of your great comments.
  6. I think you should go for a Speedy. I have a Speedy 25. I can remember when I bought my first bag, I went with a shoulder bag (Viva-Cite MM and I still love her dearly) but to be honest with you I now sooooo love handheld bags (come to think of it, I don't even think I ever used handhelds until I bought LV)! But, that being said, I do have a little assortment of each for whatever mood I may be in! You really can't go wrong with a Speedy. Today I am carrying my Petit Bucket which is shoulder and my Sac Plat which is handheld! Go figure! Please let us know what you get. I am excited for you!
  7. Amy, I see you are PA...I am your NJ neighbor! Welcome to the forum!
  8. Thanks DesigningStyle for your great comments, I will definetly let you girls know my final choice. Which part of NJ you're from? I went to college in NJ. ;)
  9. If you prefer a shoulder bag, I don't think a speedy is for you. Maybe Neverfull MM, Mini Looping or even Papillon 30 (don't know how much it is over there, under $800?). My cousin's first bag was the Mini Looping and I think it's gorgeous. A great shoulder bag! It sounds like some members have had problems with their Neverfulls so maybe steer clear until damier comes out...

    So excited for you! :yahoo:
  10. I think the speedy is a great way to start a collection!
  11. firstly, welcome to tpf!

    some people have complained about the discomfort of the looping strap so that may be something you need to consider when trying it on. if you are looking for a shoulder bag, how about the popincourt haut, cabas mm or the viva cite mm? some may be more than $800 but go try a ton of bags on when you're shopping for it so you will know how each one will look an d feel on you.

    or the speedy is ALWAYS a great choice!
  12. The speedy is a great bag... and remember you can always purchase a shoulder strap for it and it should keep you under or at budget...

  13. the speedy is a must have as a first purchase. If you are really set on a should bag, I would go with BH or neverfull.
  14. If you want a shoulder bag, then go for a shoulder bag. It's apples and oranges between the speedy and mini looping, hard for us to offer any helpful opinions. :smile: Do try them on in store, you may reach a good conclusion!
  15. The speedy is a great iconic LV bag, but it is strictly hand held and not a shoulder bag. If you can try them on, definitely do it.