Please help first Damier purchase -Speedy, Duomo or Ribera?

  1. Need help deciding on which bag to choose.

    I had my mind set on the Damier Duomo because its more structured and won't sag but I've started again to think about the Speedy and possibly the Ribera because of the price. The Speedy is much much cheaper than the Duomo.

    Then there's the Ribera which is also more structured and cheaper than the Duomo but more than the speedy.

    1. Which is the best bag for the money,
    2. the best looking bag
    3. and the most versatile.
    Pics are below for those not familiar with the shape

    Of all three I like the Speedy the least but I love the price. :lol:

    I just want to incorporate a Damier piece into my collection and I'm exited about not having to worry about vachetta (which can me high maintenance--for me atleast)

    [​IMG]SPEEDY 30


  2. I really like Duomo and almost got one but after I found out about the making of Damier speedy, I got speedy instead. Duomo is TDF but the price is for 2 speedies.I got speedy and save up more for my next bag..
    I am not really fan of ribera except the mini one, it's cute
  3. The best value for money would probably have to go to the speedy. It's really cheap for the size of bag that you're getting (if you compare to other bags). Personally though, I prefer the duomo - it's such a feminine shape and it's way more structured, you won't ever have to deal with sag issues.
  4. I love the Speedy but if you are not a fan go fo the Duomo. The Ribera MM looks like it would be a pain to get into (the zipper).
  5. The best looking IMO is the Duomo - it's absolutely gorgeous :love:
    The Ribera looks great, too. But as LisaG719 mentioned - the long zipper might be annoying. The zipper on my Alma sometimes drives me crazy :sad:
  6. I own both the Speedy and Duomo...

    1. For the money, it depends...the Speedy is least expensive, and in such a classic shape. I personally HATE the Ribera and think it's an ugly bag, so any advice I give on the bag will be biased. The Duomo is gorgeous. Just completely...the inside, the shape of the bag. The stock photo does this bag NO JUSTICE whatsoever. It looks nothing like that IRL.

    2. The best looking bag hands down is the DUOMO.

    3. Most versatile...probably Speedy, although I've worn my Duomo with jeans, but it's been jeans/boots or jeans/heels. I carry my Speedy wearing jeans/sneakers and it looks just as good as anything else.

    I'd have a tough time deciding between the Speedy and the Duomo. However, financially, you could get say the Speedy and the Koala for the same price as just the it depends on what you want to get for the money.
  7. i love the shape and style of Duomo. it's my dream bag. :love:

    i saw a lady sporting the Ribera, and thought it was funny looking. the bag is big and the lady was petite and small. i guess it's just not the right bag for her frame.
  8. I LOVE the duomo! So classy. But, the speedy is great too, and definately cheaper.

  9. ^^^Good Point. If I did buy the speedy then I could get a wallet too for the same price as just getting the Duomo alone.

    I need to think about that.

    Have you had big sag issues with your speedy? If I get one it will probably be the 30.
  10. Duomo or speedy 30

  11. ^^ I never thought about the zipper but I lthink you might be right. That might annoy me.

    All this feedback is good. I think I'm now leaning between the speedy and the duomo. :yes:
  12. I had the Damier Ribera MM before and it was pretty stiff and hard to get into the inside. It didn't open wide at all.
    It was a beautiful bag, just impractical for me.

    I'd say go for the speedy and a wallet! The speedy is so classic.
  13. Duomo, It has a unique shape...its eye catching. Very classic style.
  14. i love the Speedy and the Duomo, but like the other girls pointed out, the Duomo is more than twice the price of the Speedy. so you'd probably be better off for now getting the Speedy and a wallet or cles or some accessory

    as for the sagging, if you don't want he bag to sag, just put a piece of cardboard in the bottom like some of us do. it really does prevent the sagging :yes:
  15. SPEEDY 30!
    I got it the first day it was out and love it. iT'S so classic and lightweight and love the red interior.
    I also love the duomo, but hate the price, esp. with the new increase
    I say speedy and I also am getting the cabas mezzo for light traveling and everyday/work. I LIKE SEVERAL lv's for different purposes.
    I'll wait on the duomo, for later, 'cus I want it too!