Please help finding this one on sale

  1. Someone please help with this one. It is on sale at NM, full price should be about $1,825, the sales price should be $1,278. Please send me a message if anyone know about this one.Thanks a million times!!!!!!!!!
  2. Also, if anyone bought this one, could you please email me the stock number on your receipt so that I can call NM to do a search? Thanks a million times.!!!!!!!!!
  3. This bag is beautiful. I think i want one too. Are you sure it's on sale at NM?? DOnt they have any of this in stock??
  4. Very pretty...good luck with your search!!!
  5. Thats such a nice bag, I like the pink tag hanging down.
  6. I found it at Saks, 30% off. Here is the sales number and name, Justin Mack, 602-955-8000, ext.5357. Good luck everyu one.
  7. also this one is on sale too at both NM and Sak, both 30% off. here is the number, NM,Jesse Kopischke 480-990-2100, ext. 2091. Saks, Justin Mack,602-955-8000 ext 5357. Justin is very very nice, just tell him you want the bag Lily got, he will know.
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