Please help find nursery bedding w/ clouds like this

  1. I have this vision of how I want to decorate a nursery, but I can not find this kind of stuff anywhere. I am looking for a crib sheet, coverlet, and bumper pads with a light blue with white clouds design. I have seen an old one from pottery barn, but it has weird words printed on it. Have you seen anything like this:

  2. I had mine specially made for me. I picked out the fabric and had it made at Babies First Furniture. Not sure if you have one there. It wasn't cheap but we couldn't find what we wanted. Everything was too babyish. We did wizards and dragon's
  3. That's Nick and Nora! I don't think they make baby sheet sets, though.
  4. I know that's where I got the idea! I have those sheets. I thought they'd look so cute for a baby.
  5. Just take them and have the fabric made into bedding!
  6. I've seen a fleecy cloud blanket at BabiesRus. Sounds like a very cute idea for a nursery.
  7. I can't believe this pattern isnt super popular for a nursery. How cute would a baby sleeping look on that!?!? I am starting to think about getting a new set of sheets and having them made like Syntagma suggested. I can't believe how goofy most of the stuff out there looks. Well I might end up changing my mind, I have a few months to decide on a theme, but for now, I love the clouds. Please keep looking and let me know if you see a set I might like!
  8. ok I happen to be in the same boat. I'm making all my own bedding myself as I couldn't find anything I liked. thers a company in Europe, the are French but the have availability throughout Europe, not sure abotu the states & they have soemthign similar to what you want. its a quilt set, but they have loads of matchin stuff that you might be able tosue.

    its childrenswear, maternity wear, pregnancy, Vertbaudet.

    some of the accesries are like this sort of thing;

  9. here you go, this is part of the range;


    they also do fitted sheets etc in it.

    good luck & hope its of some use to you!
  10. Did you try a web search on cloud print baby bedding?
    Maybe try pottery barn kids and Garnet Hill. I know I have seen this print before.
    Good luck.
  11. That Vertbaudet looks so pretty, but I'm not sure if the stuff is for cribs or kids beds. Much nicer than the typical patterns we see in the US. I checked Pottery Barn kids and Garnet Hill, and nothing! It's gotta be offered somewhere!