Please help find my sister a great bag under $150

  1. My sister is looking for a bag to carry to work so she told me I could get her one for Christmas since I obsess over them anyways :smile: The only problem is that she doesn't want anything from the brands I'm familiar with (Chanel, Fendi, etc) both due to not wanting logos and because of the price, so I'm not sure what to get her.

    She could care less about a brand name, so it comes down to excellent craftsmanship and a great feeling bag (she loves things that feel great). She already has a laptop bag I bought her, so she doesn't want anything huge, but it needs to be big enough for daily items and a small notepad. It must go over the shoulder with a coat on or be messenger style. She takes the train and walks, so she may incur bad weather. She is 23 years old and pretty classic wearing mostly Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. She also doesn't want the bag to cost over $150 (our normal gift price range).

    I'm going to be looking around, but know that so many people on here have amazing bags from lesser known designers. Anyone have a favorite bag that would fit the bill? If I really like one above the price range, I might try to find a new one on eBay. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi! Hayden Harnett is having a sample sale next week. They usually have amazing prices during their sales so you may be able to find one there. I have no idea if their samples differ from their normal quality though. Or, maybe a Tano?
  3. Of course, check out Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft (and eBay for bags from those stores). Also try Wilson's Leather.
  4. just like thisismypurse mentions, check out Banana and Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft! Since you mentioned your sister wears clothes from there, and you could get her a bag from there. The bags they have are nice and also very cute styles. And she could also maybe appreciate it more since she already likes those brands..

    good luck!

    i know how it is buying purses for people who don't necessarily like the more expensive brands.. i have a younger sister and i just bought her a couple of Harajuku items.. but at her age, I already wanted Coach... so it just depends.
  5. Thanks for the help! I didn't know BR made bags, I'm checking them out now!
  6. def. check out Wilson's Leather. Surprisingly they make some cute and stylish bags.
  7. I would definitly consider a tano. I have three of them so far and love them!
  8. Try checking out bags by Lucky Brand (they are just about $150). I have an amazing buttery-soft leather brown hobo from them, I adore it. They are sold at Macy's, Dillard's, etc.
  9. I'd highly suggest Tano bags.... and That's Our Bag has a great sale right now.
  10. I was going to suggest suggest this as well. If they have really good prices again, then you might be able to find a really great bag for around $100-150. I know I'll be checking it out, just in case.
  11. I'd check out Tano bags but if she wants a real simple bag that she can carry a lot of stuff in you can suggest Longchamp, it's a great throw around bag and it's water proof!
  12. Thanks! I've heard great things about HH. So, you can access the sale online too, right? Do things normally sell out in the blink of an eye? They seem like a really hot brand right now.
  13. I've seen plenty of nice Betsey Johnson bags for around $130-$200 at Off 5th. There's also a 30% off one item coupon going around somewhere in Deals & Steals. GOOD LUCK!
  14. I'm currently a big fan of the crossbody style medium bags. I have a gunmetal crossbody from B. Makowsky. Coach has several really cute signature crossbody bags too in the same price range. If she's carrying her laptop bag, this would be a perfect complement.
  15. Yes, you'll be able to access the sale online. Their bags are really nice, so if you can score one on sale it's a really great deal. It's hard to say what this sale will be like, but most of the bags (in my experience) stay up for a decent amount of time.