Please Help Fast.....

  1. I've just been to have a facial and manicure, took my LV with vachetta handles with me - first big mistake - got hand cream all over the handles. Came out of the salon, it was a sunny day when I went in, so I didn't take my car - second big mistake - it was pouring with rain - so now I've got grease marks on my handles and rain spots as well - WHAT do I do - baby wipes? I'm not sure how to clean them - the handles haven't been sprayed with anything to protect them, cause I was being so careful - PLEASE HELP ME QUICK.
  2. Don't do anything drastic, they'll probably dry up looking better than you think they will. My Manhattan has had rain spots quite a few times and I can't now see any sign of them. As for the hand lotion, if there was any excess you could wipe it off with a damp cloth or baby wipes, but it's probably sunk in by now ... and again, it will dry up looking better than you think.

    Maybe you could try wrapping something absorbent, like just a clean dry towel, or paper towel, around the handles for a short while and let it absorb any moisture or hand lotion ... but then just let the handles dry naturally.

    Oh, another idea ... I would probably try this myself ... cornstarch or baby powder. It might just absorb some of the grease out of the lotion. I'm not sure how you'd do that tho ... maybe just dust it over the handles, or maybe sprinkle it on a cloth and wrap that around the handles. I wouldn't leave it on for long though. Good luck!!
  3. Thanks for all that info PinkCupcake, I'll give it a go.
  4. I just googled this ...

    I suppose baking soda might also be worth trying.
  5. I would just leave it alone once it starts to patina it will blend in. I spilled orange soda on the handles of my brand new speedy 25 3 years ago once it dried it did'nt look so bad. After a couple of months you could'nt even tell what happened
  6. OMG orange juice? I would've died if that happened to one of my bags... I remember when I scratched my Speedy 40 a few months ago, I was so upset... but then I got over it lol.
  7. Just let it alone and see what happens. After it starts to get a patina, it will blend in. My son sprayed my LV with a sink hose. I had it sitting on the kitchen counter and he crawled up to the sink and was spraying the room down with the hose........OMG!! I thought it was ruined, but it dried out and now you can't tell. I used saddlesoap to blend it in and it turned out great.