PLEASE HELP -- fakes on the loose!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just came across this dreadful site that is totally presenting fake bags as real (there is very small print that indicates that the bags are "inspired"...but you really have to search for it):

    Anyway, now I'm worried that this ebay bag that I just got comes from this site. Here is the listing. I thought that I was getting a good deal because the photo is of poor quality (so no one else bid). Now I'm afraid I was just very, very stupid. I figured that the dust bag and controllato card meant it "must" be real. But could someone have manufactured those? Here is the listing for the same bag -- also makes me suspicious that this seller has multiples:

    GRRR, I am so mad!!! I just sent pay pal in for the bag, so haven't gotten it yet. Does anyone know if the bag turns out to be fake, is there some way to cancel the payment or anything?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. PS -- has anyone else ever seen a "real" gucci bag of this style? And, is it normal to have that leather " gucci made in Italy" tag stitched on to the outside of the bag?
  3. For that price, I doubt you are getting a real bag. The bag looks a bit off in my opinion. For one thing, the Gucci fabric is cut really crooked. Controllato cards and dustbags don't mean anything. The people who make these fake bags make dustbags and print Controllato cards to go with them too. I suggest you contact Paypal immediately, so you can get your money back. :sad2:
  4. there was a forum i came across awhile ago saying that the gucci bags dont come with those (hologram) contrallo cards..but dont hold me on that....
  5. it's not real, i'm sorry :-/
  6. Thanks guys! I KNEW I was being stupid...that it looked shady. I sent an email to the guy telling him to refund my money before he sends the bag or else I will file a complaint with paypal and leave bad feedback. He BETTER give me a refund. I'm a complete newbie to ebay and had NO idea how shady the whole thing can be. I foolishly just thought I was getting some incredible deal. No more ebay for me for a while. :wacko:
  7. ^Be sure to file the claim with Paypal within 45 days of this transaction, they will be able to investigate or at least stop payment for you!
  8. Thanks everyone! I feel like a complete IDIOT. Definitely should have realized my error when nobody else bid above $70. Oh well, I guess this is a good lesson:smile:
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