PLEASE HELP ~~~ F/W 2012 Black Town Leather

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  1. Dear lovely members! Im looking into a F/W 2012 Black Town with Rose Gold Hardware. As i have a REALLY BAD experience with a Cumin Town with Rose Gold, i need to hear from those who own F/W 2012 Black Leather.

    I have heard that some colors, like Cassis, has really wonderful leather! So i do hope that Black will share the same leather too!

    Your comment & feedback is greatly appreciated :smile::amuse::flowers:
  2. Lovely Peace, so good to see you! My black day is a K tag (f/w 2012) and I am fairly certain that you would not be very fond of the leather on my particular bag. Of all my bags from both before and after 2012, the leather on my day is the toughest (and 2014 bags were the driest). It actually works out well because it wears like iron and I don't have to baby it, but of all my bags I've owned it is the least "pretty" leather (but one of the bags I love the most... ironically). I hate to discourage you though, every bag is so different... xox
  3. HELLO s.tighe !!!:nuts:

    Thanks for your comment & im so lonely "here" ! lol .......

    As usual, your comment is always valuable & sincere. I will take a look at the bag before i make a decision. Finger cross that i may get lucky with this one.

    Hope you are doing fine & rocking my dear friend !!! :hugs:
  4. Just saw this dear Peace (I don't get notifications). So good to see you and I do hope you find that it suits you! Xox mwah mwah.
  5. I got it !!! The leather is definitely MUCH better than the Cumin i had before, and yet, nothing beats those before 2012. The only thing i hate is the strap! Im not tall, even when it's adjusted to the shortest hole, it's still too long for me as a crossbody! I don't remember being affected by the strap that much then.......... most probably i was too fixate by the leather then ! lol .........................