Please help!! Etoupe Swift with Gold Hardware

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  1. I was offered a 35 birkin in etoupe swift in GH but my request was for a PH. What do you think of Etoupe in GH? Is it versatile?

    I am a white gold/platinum kind of girl but from time to time I also mix and match with gold.

    Please help? I need to make a decision this evening or the bag will be gone.
  2. I don't really have an opinion on Etoupe GHW, but why settle? IMHO, if it's Etoupe PHW you requested, you should wait.
  3. From what I can tell, etoupe with gold hardware is not common; from the pictures of etoupe with gold that I have seen, I really like the combination and would personally wear it as an everyday bag regardless of jewelry color just because the etoupe itself is a versatile color. But if mixing metal colors really bothers you then I would wait for the one with PH.
  4. for some reason, i love GHW. however, if PHW sings to you, then wait.
  5. Don't compromise on the hardware. If you like palladium, wait for it. Trust me one will come along.
  6. Really depends on what you are comfortable with. If you like to mix and match , then I think it's not a big issue. I think etoupe with PHW is more common than GHW. There seems to be a lot of etoupe out there lately, so if you have your heart set on PHW, then hang in there and wait for the one you like!! Good Luck~~ Either way, it's a beautiful color!!
  7. Don't settle and wait for what you want. =) Believe me, I've gone through a lot of bags when I could have just waited and got what I wanted in the end instead of wasting time (and money).
  8. If most of your jewelery are white gold/ platinum, then I think you should wait for the PHW. Don't settle for something that does not sing to you.
  9. I think you should wait for the hw that you really want. Dont settle because you may regret your decision at a later time.
  10. Another vote to wait!
  11. chianti90,

    I have the bag you are being offered and I love it. I specifically got it because it had gold hardware. I wear a great deal of high carat yellow gold jewelry, so for me GHW makes sense.

    If you wear more silver/platinum jewelry, then I would wait. If you mix yellow gold and silver, take a look at the bag. See if it talks to you. Here are some pics of my bag.

    All in all you need to get a bag that you will LOVE for years.

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  12. chianti, I think you need to go with your instincts. It's too $$$ a purchase to not be perfectly satisfied.

    Etoupe is one of those colours that seems to change a lot depending on the HW colour.

    Some people see etoupe as a grey that works best with PH. Others, like me, prefer it with GH. We tend to be in the minority, I think. The brown edging of etoupe makes it a more brownish colour in my eyes - particularly in swift, which absorbs colours so well.

    I've pulled some photos for you (credits to wonderful other tpfers) (and that adorable baby... who is she again?) (:nuts:) - I do think you can see a very different "vibe" in the PH vs. GH.

    Bottom line: you don't want to make a mistake!

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  13. ^ etoupebirkin - your bag is really gorgeous!

  14. LOVE your pics PIAFFE!!!!!

    Mine has palladium hardware but I think if I had a choice I'd go with gold. I love the glow that gold has against the leather! SO rich in color!!!!!
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    I like to stalk etoupe bags on tpf, so I always have lots of etoupe photos handy... LuxChic, Grande Latte, costa and etoupebirkin all deserve credit for their great photos.

    I really think PH greyifies etoupe, and GH draws out that brown. Swift (as etoupebirkin's gorgeous bag illustrates) can yield most brown, then clemence and then togo, IMO.

    An amazing colour... that goes both ways!!

    I could talk about etoupe all day long... :heart: