Please help ebay buyer scam- louis vuitton

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  1. Can anyone please help! I sold my pouchette ceris with Reciept and dustbag on eBay uk. Sent item fully track able and fully insured and on next day delivery. The buyer signed for it. No feedback, so sent email asking for feedback please and no reply just 36 hrs later buyer opened dispute stating there was no bag just empty DVD box! Contacted eBay and clearly stated that item had been sent etc..... Hoped that eBay would see this as it was fraud! The buyer had similar feedback from other sellers, eg. States no item recieved but actually had signed for it. All Louis Vuitton items! Anyway today eBay made there final decision and decided in favour of the buyer!!! I'm so upset, I sold my bag reluctantly due to financial situation at moment and now no bag and they've given the £180 from my Paypal account back to the buyer today! So unfair!! Any ideas please x
  2. Have you called ebays CS? I would call them up and see what if anything they can do to re-open the case. If the buyer has a lot of bad feedback (or the positive/negative feedback b/c sellers can only give positive feedback but will put in the comment line negative feedback even though it's against ebays rules to do that) and they recently purchased a lot of similar items and other sellers seem to be having the same problem as you it at least IMO would look very suspicious. When you talk to ebays CS try to stay calm and collected the nicer you are the more likely they will want to help you and make sure you have all your notes in front of you when you call, all the sale info, tracking info, copy of the signature, also note how many other LV purchases they've made in a relatively short time period along with how many positive/negative comments they have ect. I would also avoid trying to contact the buyer outside of ebay. If you do choose to contact them only do so threw ebay email, so that way ebay has access to all communications after the fact. Beyond that I'm not sure what else you can do other than filing a police report(I'm assuming they live in the same country as you). Honestly I don't know if anything will come out of it but at least their is a record of the fraud. And you could possibly use the record for tax purposes and can write it off as a loss(depending on your countries tax laws so you may want to double check on that). Which I know doesn't help you out ATM financially. Unfortunately this is very common on ebay now a days. Which is why a lot of people no longer sell on ebay and choose to go other routes to sell stuff.
  3. Thanks very much!!! Will get all bits and pieces together and ring eBay cs tomorrow, fingers crossed!! Xx
  4. I know its not much help but the weight will be stated on the receipt from the post office, this may go some ways to proving that it was in the parcel when you posted it. - only a thought.
  5. Agree here... the buyer seems to have a pattern of doing this.. the least ebay
    cs should do is look into the matter when it is pointed out to them..

    If you don't get anywhere, keep calling back asking for a supervisor and again
    sorry that you have to be dealing with this...

    Keep us posted
  6. Yes, thanks I'd actually thought if that but actually the weight of the pouchette isn't that much really although I haven't compared to a DVD case, so will see difference! X
  7. Thanks to you all for help, I've spoken to eBay again and they've agreed to get the buyer to return packaging with contents back to me. Already had their money back though so not sure if they will. eBay assured me if I haven't got parcel back within 10 days I can appeal decision but surely they are only going to send a DVD case back and not my bag! Will update when I get more info! Thanks again! X
  8. E-bay are not taking this seriously enough, this is blatant deception. I think you have given e-bay a chance now you have to take matter into your own hands. Telephone the police, they have a serious fraud section that Im sure would be only to willing to look into this for you. You have evidence that the buyer has done this to other people and you dont know if he has another account and may be doing it on there too.
    You have nothing to loose by calling them at least then you have been down every avenue.
    Let us know how you get on and good luck.
  9. This infuriates me. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you.

    We need a scammer list in addition to the already non paying buyers list.
  10. I have no idea how people can do this over and over and no know one at eBay thinks, "It seems strange that people only want to send this person empty boxes. Hmmm...."
  11. I've be lucky I suppose up to now, have sold quite a lot of my LV collection over last 2 years with no problems at all! I was selling 3-4 other LV items which I've now ended the listings as don't want to sell them on eBay now. Any ideas please as to where the safest place is to sell on the rest of my pieces I've decided to sell on?
  12. dont ebay keep a record of people's cases and patterns...I mean some stores will ban ppl from returning too much stuff, maybe ebay will come to their senses one day and start banning ppl for claiming too many empty boxes etc
  13. Actually, they really don't care.

    There is a Juicy Couture buyer who has been scamming sellers for years and he/she just keeps getting away with it.

    How many empty boxes can someone get in 1 lifetime?

    I've been shopping online for over a decade and have yet to receive one of these infamous "empty" boxes.
  14. Me neither. I would want to ask for finger prints :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    sigh, shame on them scammers, an unlucky girl just told me someone scammed her hundreds with pictures of a pair of CL I was selling. I was so mad! but thank goodness her bank finally did her some good after a month.
    hope karma knocks soon!
  15. Scammers know they can get away with this because ebay does very
    little for the sellers..

    I say, go after this person anyway you can... file a police report
    and keep after ebay to like at these patterns of buying that this
    particular buyer has..