Please help...dye transfer on Burberry bag!!!

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  1. :sad: Has anyone removed dye transfer from a Nova Check bag sucessfully before? I am really bummed...
  2. Oh yes! Please do tell! I got pen on my burberry wallet & would love to know!!
  3. Hi
    Someone mentioned from another thread that baby wipes may work? I once used rubbing alcohol and it worked. I am not telling you to do this but maybe it would work? Just trying to help. Good luck!!!
  4. I ALWAYS use baby wipes on mine.
    Nova Check, yes?
  5. I have the backpack in the Nova Check and always use diaper wipes to wipe it down. But it doesn't work on dye transfer, I've already tried. My backpack has dye transfer from the dustbag (it's blue right), so the bottom corners on my backpack are a little blue. I haven't tried rubbing alcohol though, I'm a little scared to try it.
  6. You would think that Burberry and other companies would realize this problem and make dustbags that aren't dyed bright colors.
  7. Why don't you call Burberry and ask them what to do?
  8. You could try a clean new eraser or the Mr. Clean magic eraser VERY VERY carefully as it can take finish off leather and may dull the coated surface. I used a clean eraser to get some darkish wear off the bottom corners of my cream Paddy and it worked great.
  9. Could you get it dry cleaned? Does anyone know?
  10. Hair spray!
  11. I would call a few professional cleaners and ask if they could remove the stain or recommend anything you could try.
  12. Ok so they are having me take it to the store to send it out to a cobbler they work with to see what they can do. Please pray for my bag...does that sound dumb? I love my baby...:cry: :cry: :cry:
  13. would any of those stain pens work? like Tide or Shout?
  14. i have ink on mine and have tried everything. i called burberry and they recommended an over the counter item and only made the ink stains lighter. i gave up and packed it away. even tried hairspray. so...if anyone figures it out, please let me know:amazed: :biggrin:
  15. So I dropped it off today and they will send it to a coble they work with. They said if they can't get it off they might replace it because they did not tell me about clothes rubbing off on the PVC brand...Please pray that it comes off or they send me home with a new bag...!!!!!!!!!!!!