please help- Dud chanel sunglasses problems!

  1. hi everybody,

    In july as a treat, i decided to treat myself to a pair of chanel sunglasses (5115Q). i ordered them online from an authorised italian dealer on the internet. when they came, i was annoyed to discover one of the lenses was scratched. so i explained that although i was happy with my purchase, i wanted an exchange.

    The company apologised and told me the quickest, cheapest and safest thing to do was for them to send me replacement lenses. i thought, well, even if the old lenses get damaged at least i've a spare pair so i agreed. i DID ASK if this would void the warranty, he said no because it didn't affect the serial number. The lenses came in their case about 6 weeks later as they had to be ordered from the manufacturer. i thought i'd get round to getting an optician to put them in, but i noticed the new glasses lenses have no serial number on them.

    The sunglasses are under guarantee, and i was reading the small print of my guarantee last week and found that although my sunglasses were protected against damage and faults and would be mended free of charge for 2 years, the condition was that a) my sunglasses were verified as originals by their serial number (printed lightly on the orginal lens) and b) that the sunglasses were untampered with by anybody except the manufacturers.

    The new lenses have NO serial number on them, so this invalidates my guarantee. Also if i were to get the lenses put in, this constitutes tampering. It again invalidates my guarantee. also, the glasses having no i.d number on them, means they can't be insured. Also reading the small print in the guarantee, theres no stamp on my guarantee.

    So therefore, what i was offered as "replacements" are therefore useless to me. ive got a scratched pair of sunglasses and some spare lenses i can't use.

    I was thinking of emailing the company back and pointing this out to them, but i get the feeling theyre going to not take my complaint seriously, since a few months have elapsed since i got them. i'm annoyed because what was supposed to be a treat has now been the cause of stress and annoyance. Does anybody know what my consumer rights are here, and what should i do if the company tell me they won't exchange them?

    Does anybody have a chanel uk helpline or email i can send c.c of all my correspondence to? I'm pretty 98% sure my glasses are authentic, but this awful customer service and lack of knowledge of chanel products is giving chanel a bad name.

    What do you think i should do? i'd like in an ideal situation, my money back! but if not an utterly new pair of glasses!

    thanks! x
  2. I would simply tell the company you have changed your mind inlight of the defect and plan to return the lens and the org. your credit card and put in a dispute to get your money back via cc company....get a new pair somewhere else.:supacool:
  3. ^^ Agreed! Call (don't' email; you want instant resolution) the company to inform them of what you've told us and note their reaction. If it's negative, file a dispute with your credit card company.
  4. I've had problems with Chanel sunglasses before, I much prefer Tom Ford sunglasses now. They're great and not had any problems with them so far!
  5. They are both made by Luxottica, as are almost all high end sunglasses.