Please Help! Don't Know What To Do :(

  1. Hi everyone,

    Here's my story:
    I recently purchased a used Louis Vuitton mono speedy 25 from lvlady (seller from HK) on eBay - this was only after I reviewed her feedback & got input from fellow LV tpf-ers that she is a legit authentic LV seller. Today I received the package, only to find that it is smaller than expected (ie. a speedy 25 fits in this!?! :confused1:). I immediately had a bad feeling about its contents but tried to remain optimistic. To my dismay, I opened the box, which turned out to be some box used to pack oranges in, and found the speedy squished inside it, with no tissue paper stuffing (or any stuffing of sorts) inside to uphold its shape. What's worse is that there are several creases on the bag, which looks absolutely devastating!

    Now, I understand that the seller might've done this to save on shipping costs & such, but from what several buyers said in her feedback (ie. "packaged neatly", "well packed", "careful shipping", etc.), this doesn't seem to be the case. You'd think that considering it is a luxury designer item & I paid hefty amount for it, it would be packaged accordingly (of course, not as extravagant as the LV boutiques do, but at least some level of care, no?)

    Also, although the seller mentioned that it was used, outside mono canvas is in excellent condition, leathe rparts are in honey color with marks from normal using, center of handle is darker & inside lining is clean...there was no telling of some loose threads hanging from the bag (seller did not mention this). Should I be concerned about her not mentioning this? I know as a buyer, I should've asked for details about the condition of the bag when I msged her about whether or not it will come with a dustbag, authenticity cards, etc - which by the way, she did not respond to prior to auction ending.

    Another thing that bothers me is the smell! (Yes, I think it might be the infamous HK LV mothball smell...though I could be mistaken) And I definitely don't think it is the smell of the leather/canvas material. I've heard about the reps of some sellers (ie. authentic_lvlady & Let-Trade) & their smelly bags, but I didn't expect it to happen with lvlady). I've read through the FAQs section about smelly bags, but IMHO, a smelly bag will forever be smelly. I don't care what methods are used to get it out, but it will bother me to heck because I know it's there.

    My boyfriend doesn't believe it is authentic (since it came empty-handed), so we will be taking it into our nearest boutique soon for authentication.

    This was so unexpected and I'm very disappointed!!! I had wanted to purchase a used LV bag because it would accelerate the patina process (I don't fancy the naked virgin vachetta much). But after seeing this disaster, I would prefer having a brand new one, naked virgin vachetta & all. And I'll make my own patina too!

    I'm sorry for the long post & if this sounds petty. But it was suppose to be my very first LV bag & I had expected better. I'm at a loss for words at the moment...Let's just say: lesson learned about making purchases on eBay. From now on, LV boutiques all the way!

    Right now, I'm waiting for confirmation of its authenticity. If it's not authentic, I'll report it to eBay & such. If it isn't, then I'm debating whether or not to contact the seller & file a complaint about all this & get a full refund.

    What do you think? Do any of you have input and/or suggestions as to what to do?

    I hope you guys can help because I know everyone here is very kind & willing to offer their advice. I certainly would appreciate it if you could send them my way.

    TIA! Hope to hear from you guys soon. :heart:
  2. I've purchased both from her and Let-Trade many times before, and my bags always come squished - especially speedies, they fold them just like they do at the boutiques. So the think is, if you had purchased it at the LV boutique, it most likely would have been folded anyway. But I've never had a problem with authenticity with her. And if you explain the situation, I bet she'll take a refund - I once bought a Saleya MM from her that had a small ink spot that she had overlooked, and she was deeply apologetic and issued me a full refund. If it really wasn't as described, just contact her and see what she says.
  3. kimalee - Thanks for posting! I didn't realize the boutique folded their bags too. I haven't encountered that before on any of my visits...during those times I've seen the SAs bring out a brand new bag (in its respective dustbag) & it wasn't folded but instead was fully stuffed with paper.
    (Don't be mistaken though - I believe what you say & am not trying to prove you wrong or anything)
  4. Yup, the Speedy bag comes folded and the creases will come out over time. If the bag is authentic which LV maybe able to tell you, I wouldn't complain but thats just me.
  5. First....calm down and take a deep breath.
    LV lady does have a good rep, so I'm sure it is authentic.

    O.k., now if you purchase a Speedy at an LV boutique, they have a certain way of folding the bags so that they are nearly flat. They then put them in the boxes that way. They also store them that way. There is nothing to worry about as any creases will come out in a day of 2 once you have the bag unfolded again. Sometimes, if I can't wait, then I will very gently use a blow dryer on low heat and 'heat' the bag up so that it is warm, and the creases come right out.

    Small threads can be trimmed or the bag can be taken to an LV boutique to have them trim them if you don't wish to do it. As long as they don't come from a spot that is literally unravelling, then you should be fine.

    Lastly, it is NOT impossible to get the smell of mothballs out. It does take LOTS of fresh air though. Preferably the bag should be hung outside where it can air out, for several days or even a couple of weeks. A breezy location is even better.

    Overall remember, you purchased a used bag that isn't new. It's not going to be perfect like the ones you buy in an LV boutique. Sometimes we get our expectations too high when purchasing a bag that isn't new. I have learned that. I've gotten some great deals on ebay, but I have to say I haven't received a single bag that could be used straight out of the box. Every time I had to do some kind of 'work' to the bag to bring it up to my standards. I guess that's just the tradeoff though for getting a good deal.
    Hope that helps!
  6. ^no worries, I didn't think that at all! When I bought my first Speedy, it was folded and they put it in a flat box. The stuffed ones are usually displays.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing as the others - the speedy is always folded and always creased whenever it's purchased. If you stuff it with clothes and dryer sheets, the smell and the creases should come out in a few days. Congrats on your new bag, hope it all works out.
  8. I'm surprised to hear about the folding since when I purchased my Damier Speedy from 5th Ave. flagship it was not folded in the slightest. It was perfectly in form.I didn't even ask for a box and they did not give one automatically.
  9. kimalee - Thanks for letting me know. That's something to keep in mind. Maybe those ladies asked the SA if they could buy the display model? I guess that might be an explanation to what I've always witnessed.

    Nectarine25 - Thank you for your reply! That makes the two of us. (Hence why I'm disappointed). I would have preferred it not folded.

    Cyndee & jellybebe - Thanks for your input! I trust the feedback from fellow tpf-ers gave me prior to the purchase & I don't doubt lvlady's legitimacy. Boyfriend wants to do it for a peace of mind. I'll try those suggestions you've offered & hopefully, everything will turn out ok.
  10. I just recently purchased my first "new to me" LV bag on ebay (from Javagirl!). Believe me, my stomach was in knots the whole time wondering if I was going to get screwed in some way, even though she's a legit seller as well. It took me a long time to save for my bag and I was really nervous (fortunately I was very pleased when I got my LV bucket!)

    I'm sorry your first experience was bad. From what I understand, some LV boutiques will not authenticate for you, so don't freak out if yours won't. If possible, take some pics of your bag and post here on the "Authenticate this LV" thread. The folks there will help you out, and frankly are probably more knowledgable than some SA's. You'll need pics of the heat stamp, date code, zipper pull. Or you could just post the auction link.

    As for the seller, I've heard that she is very accomodating if there is a problem. If you are still not happy, I'd politely email her and explain why. I bet you'd get a refund.

    Good Luck!
  11. :yes: when we decide to purchase Speedy, SA will package the bag such this way.

    beautibabe for display item LV never folded the bag but if you've purchased it, they'll package such this way, that's why dust bag for Mono Speedy isn't too huge :smile:
  12. missbanff - Hi missbanff, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words! I can truly sympathize with the emotions you had during your first LV ebay experience (which I'm very glad to know it turned out well! Congratulations!). I'm still feeling uneasy about the creases. Did you receive your Lockit folded/squished too?

    And thanks for giving me the heads up about authenticating at the boutiques. I'll definitely give them a call beforehand.

    I really like coming to this forum for help. It's really the go-to place for me!

  13. lvgodiva - Hello and thanks for posting! I didn't realize LV SA's do that to your brand new bags! I've purchased from Coach, Dior & Burberry before but have never had that experience (they always provided the appropriate sized box & stuffed the bags). For a newbie like myself, I would think that's a bit heart-wrenching. Eek! But after hearing that this is a common occurrence lessens my worries. I've never had an instore LV experience yet, so I guess that's why it's a surprise :sweatdrop:.
  14. Actually, she packed it really well....she stuffed it with plastic bags/bubble wrap so it wouldn't be flattish and floppy, wrapped the outside of the bag , and filled the box with bubble wrap. On the outside of the box was "fragile" written all over it.:heart:

    PS Saw your post on the authenticate thread....see if LVBabyDoll comes on as she usually does in in the evening. It looks good to me, BTW. And I agree with you...I learn something here every day!!!
  15. My damier speedy 30 was sent via post from an actual LV Boutique and it smelled and felt just like plastic - I was totally shocked. It also came flat without a box. Just came in its dust bag and with an LV Bag & receipt. I still don't know if I want to keep it... Hard to know what to expect if you haven't handled one in person before I guess...