Please help! Does this sound legitimate?

  1. So I often post on another forum, and a couple of days ago, I got a direct message from a member on that site asking me if I would be interested in writing articles relating to fashion/beauty/women's issues for her website at $15 dollars per article. It looks like she registed on that site strictly to direct message me with this offer, because she had no previous posts and registered as a member that very day.

    I emailed her at the address she gave me, saying that I would definitely be interested in writing for her, and asked for more details. She asked me how many I could write, and I told her as many as she wanted. She responded by saying that I could write 30 per month for a flat fee of $500, and that if I wanted to write much more than that, she would pay for as many as I could write. She also asked for my paypal email and said that she would pay in advance so that I didn't need to worry about now being paid.

    I don't know a lot about paypal security and such, but I gave her my paypal email after I googled her username on this other forum that I use, as well as googling her email address that she gave me. Both appear to go back to a girl with 2 websites pertaining to fashion/beauty issues, who also seems to have a book that will be published in 2008, so it *seems* legit, but now I'm a little scared that she can somehow access my account.

    Long story short, it seems like a super cool opportunity, but I am inexperienced with paypay outside of eBay auctions, and I'm wondering if I did the right thing? :shame: Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!
  2. its not kosher for someone to invade anothers forum to SOLICIT....she solicited u behind the scenes in a sneaky way.NOT SOMEONE I WOULD TRUST!
    how do u know she isnt a paypal hacker?Id stay FAR AWAY.

  3. Hi, thanks for your response. I don't know if the way she contacted me was really a problem, because it's just a message board like this one, where no one is being paid, just posting about their thoughts and ideas and such.

    But, as for her being a paypal hacker, this is what I'm worried about. Is there a way for her to do that?
  4. There most certainly is a way for her to hack your account. I'm a police officer and we get calls about such things often. I've also had my identity stolen and they did it through Paypal. I wouldn't have anymore correspondance with her. Keep a close eye on the activity on your Paypal account. You can also change your password on that NOW!
  5. I would ask for more information about her and about what she plans to do with your articles. $15 per article is pretty cheap, especially if you're going to be churning out 30 a month. Can you write one article an hour to justify this low payment? Will you have to do any research? Will you have any expenses?

    Will she be posting your articles on her web site with your byline or hers?

    And what rights will you be giving her for the material? All rights in perpetuity?

    If so it sounds like she's looking for lots of cheap copy to post on her Web site and possibly to recycle into a book, probably with her name on it. Are you comfortable with that?

    Although I don't know a lot about Paypal security I think that giving her your Paypal e-mail is safe, but I'm not sure. She would need your password to actually hack your account. I would check with Paypal and wait to see if any money shows up in your Paypal account.

  6. Hi there- well that's scary. This is probably a stupid question, but when someone wants to pay you for something through paypal, what information are you supposed to give them?
  7. It *is* a very cheap rate. I did some freelance writing in the past for $25 per hour, so I know $15 per article is very low, but it would be mostly for fun, and the articles are short - right around 600 words each. I could probably write them in my sleep! As for her using them for her website, I honestly don't really care about that. It looks like she has a couple of other contributors already that she credits, so I assume it would be the same for me, but I'm not totally sure yet.

    I'm glad you think it's OK that I gave her my paypal email. That was my primary concern!
  8. :yes: I agree!!!

    All this sounds very fishy...:nogood:
  9. The way she contacted you seems a bit random, but I don't think giving her your Paypal address puts you at any particular risk. It's just an email address and doesn't, on its own, give anyone access to your account beyond just sending money to it.

  10. Thank you very much! :smile:
  11. I don't see what she could do if you just gave her your paypal e-mail. Anyone who has my e-mail address could know where to send me money on paypal. It's the password that they need.
  12. Anyone can find an Email address. I wouldnt worry about giving her your PayPal Email, just dont give her anything more.
  13. It's a weird situation... I would be suspicious about someone offering to pay me in advance, when they had no idea about me! Although I assume she's read some of your posts, so perhaps you fit her profile?

    I suppose you could justify the low pay rate by the fact that you are not being employed as a professional (with proper qualifications and credits), but just as someone 'off the street.'

    All in all, I think you were right to be suspicious - just take it easy and be very wary of any alarm bells. It might be legit - think of model scouts who approach young girls cold in airports - but similarly, keep in mind that many of these scouts are tricksters LOL! Don't take any candy from her, and if she asks to take photos of you, don't do it, even if she says she wont show them to anyone LOL