PLEASE HELP.....Do you recommend going to Aruba or St. Lucia and why???

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  1. Hi, I am planning our Honeymoon and we would like to know more about Aruba and St. Lucia. St. Lucia was my first choice to go as our honeymoon trip, the literature on that seemed very interesting. We want a vacation that we can do a lot of activities, tours, museums, I know they have a walk-in volcano I believe, I just don't want to sit in the sun and do nothing at that said, we want some nightlife, shows perhaps, festivals etc.. I know I'm asking for a lot but you get the idea. So tell me your thoughts about St. Lucia in comparison to Aruba. I appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, Deb
  2. I went to St Lucia Sandals for my honeymoon and liked it alot.However Aruba is my ALL TIME fave island..I go there ALOT.Was just there in NOV and Like i told u,I stayed at the Radisson...which i LOVED.Its a great location and the CS is amazing.That hotel is like family
    Also like the Renaissance there for the PRIVATE beach..its in town so NOT on the main drag on PALM BEACH.But the Private island is just AMAZING as well
    If i wanna go to Aruba for JUST beach and quiet...I go to Renaissance.If i go with my friends for fun,I go to Radisson,
    The reason i ADORE Aruba....the weather is ALWAYS PERFECT...good shopping(In Renaissance MAll),and love the people there.I have been seriuosly considering buying a house there soon.
  3. We went to Sandals St Lucia 2 years ago on vacation and loved it. There was tons to do and everyone was so friendly. We're thinking about having our wedding there. I've never been to Aruba but I've heard nothing but great things...its really going to be a toss up for you.