Please help.. differentiate btw Camel & Beige

  1. Hello everyone.. I've been eyeing on these 2 Veneta bag at Bluefly. The Camel & beige color. What is their official color name? TIA
  2. I took a look and I'm confused! My guess (I think the pics are not entirely accurate) is the camel is Noce and the beige is Camel. But there's a camel flap bag that looks like Camel. And a brown Veneta that looks like Noce too. :confused1: My conclusion is that BF's pics are bad and the naming of colours even worst! Sorry.
  3. I would totally agree with ms piggy, and be careful not to assume you know the color on Bluefly. They seem to be erratic in the naming of the browns/beiges/camels. Sometimes they also through in descriptors like walnut (which I had assumed was noce) or tan.

    Perhaps you could call them before ordering, and then still be prepared to send it bakc if it is not what you wanted. I think it is usually worth the risk given the saving.

    Good luck!
  4. Can you guys help me what color is this? It said camel at bf, but it doesn't look like camel in my comp screen.. TIA:flowers:
  5. it looks like camel to me
  6. They also confuse grey and the brown!
  7. I also saw Grey and Iron. Aren't they supposed to be the same.....FERRO in BV color?
  8. That veneta looks halfway between camel and noce--very confusing!