Please help. Difference between 2 dark gray Nikkis

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  1. Does anyone know the difference in color between the dark gray Nikki with the bird lining and the dark gray with the black w/white rectangle lining?

    The pics look almost identical. The one with the black/white rectangle lining says it has gunmetal hardware and the bird lining does not specify, but it looks the same. I want to make sure I get the right one. I have MAM that is dark gray and it is almost black, I would like this one to be a little more gray.

    Is the one that is a lighter gray the bird lining? Any pics would be awesome. I have been searching, but I wondered if anyone had seen both.

  2. Which lining does your dark gray MAM have? Is it the dash lining (black/white rectangle lining)?

    RM has released 3 versions of dark gray:
    1) Dark Gray - 2008 or before (black-white floral lining/silver hardware) : Has a bit of glaze on it, similar to wine
    2) Dark Gray - 2009 (bird lining/forgot which hardware - gunmetal, proably) : A matte grey leather, maybe a shade lighter than (1)
    3) Dark Gray - 2010 (dash lining) - I haven't seen this one - looks pretty dark to me.

    Both (1) and (2) looks gray.

    HTH (I hope I got my facts right though).
  3. My MAM has the dash lining and is pretty dark. It looks black almost unless you have it next to black. It is the MAM in my avatar pic and it has a sheen to it. I was thinking it might be the same gray, but I wasn't sure.

    I am thinking the one with the bird lining would be lighter?
  4. Then I'm guessing that the dark gray Nikki with dash lining that you are looking at is the same as your dark gray MAM since both were released at about the same time.

    The one with the bird lining is probably lighter as I remember it being a true gray. you might want to consider the Luna Boston exclusive Vintage Gray as well. This is one is very similar to the original dark grey and has the grey and white stripe lining.

    Personally, I prefer vintage gray or the original dark gray over the dark gray from 2009.

    Would love to see pictures of your MAM. :biggrin:
  5. Well, I wouldn't mind the Luna Boston gray, but I can't find that anywhere. The one with the bird lining and the dash lining are available at AA, but I have to be sure it is what I want if I order from there.

    Why do you prefer the vintage gray? Is it lighter? The texture better?

    I have pics of my MAM towards the bottom of the 2nd page of this thread.

    Thanks for your thoughts on all of this!
  6. sandc, tastangan summarized the ever-confusing RM dark greys well! I have all three, and the 2010 DG is the darkest, by far. If you want the same texture as your mam's leather, then I'd suggest that you try to find either the 2008 DG, or the Luna Boston exclusive. The 2009 DG w/birdie lining is matte, like tastangan mentioned, kind of resembles Linea Pelle's texture. But I don't know how it compares colorwise to LP's Iron!

    I don't have time to take a comparison pic with all three, but here are some older photos of mine:

    2010 DG mini beloved (gunmetal hw) above 2008 DG nikki (silver hw):

    2009 DG benjamins pouch on top of 2008 DG nikki; see how the textures differ?:
  7. OP - You are not the first person to be confused by RM's repeat use of the same name for different leathers. :biggrin:

    I want to say that the flowerstud grey and the dark grey on AA is the same, but I'm not sure. The texture looks somewhat similar though - matte, slightly pebbled. Maybe you can check with AA.

    I prefer the leather of the original dark grey and the vintage grey as I think the slight glazing gives some protection againts stains, water, etc. But since your Dark Gray MAM might be similar in texture, you might want to get something different.

    pandafan - great comparison pictures! Is the gunmetal h/w on your MB a true gunmetal or is it a light gunmetal?
  8. I have the flower stud Nikkin in dark gray and it is a true gray not too datk or too light. It may be the perfect gray that you're looking for. The leather is thick and pebbly.
  9. Thanks ladies! I did contact AA and I am waiting for a response. I wanted a mini nikki in gray, but the only mini available will be light gray. I am hoping the regular Nikki won't swallow me up! I have the MAM and that seems big to me. I just got the light gray regular nikki to compare size, but it's going back.
  10. Sandc, I think the dark gray with bird lining is a true medium gray (not as dark as the one that looks black). I'm pretty sure it is the same dark gray that is at Endless that is miscategorized as a Zip Mab Mini in Dark Gray. If you look at that picture, it has the bird lining as well.
  11. So true about how RM compounds the confusion by recycling color names!!

    I'm almost certain that the flowerstud and DG nikkis on AA are the same leather.

    Re: gunmetal (another RM point of confusion...grrr), tastangan I believe that the label on my mini B shipping bag actually did say "light gunmetal".
  12. Thanks MMMommy! I didn't see that on endless. Of course, I was looking for Nikkis. That is the gray I am going for. My MAM is the darker gray, so I want a lighter gray without being too light for a Nikki.

    Now, if only it came in the mini. I am debating on if I can pull off the regular size Nikki. I bought the light gray just to see the size and I still am not sure. :thinking:

    This is the light gray reg size on me. It might be too big, I know that is subjective though. I'm 5'7.

  13. ^^

    I think the size looks great on you but I do find the regular size Nikkis to be on the heavy side. Go for the dark grray on AA, it is THE perfect shade of gray IMO.