Please help? detective bag

  1. Can anyone give me an idea how much an auhentic medium detective bag goes for on ebay- I can't decide.
    Any feedback on the bag?
    All help appreciated
  2. Hi there!

    It really depends on the model and the condition. I saw a white one end at $999US, although I saw a lime green one end today for $455 (reserve not met)...I assume that the white is a lot more popular. Be very careful of buying Detective bags, though. There are some fakes that look very real except for slight differences in shape/logo lettering.
  3. Thanks MayDay
    I'm new to the forum and to ebay. I got scammed already so i use mypoupette-what a pain the return process is though.
  4. why not contacting ur local or nearest boutique?
  5. In Ebay I think the white $999 is okey, cause the retail price is like $1700, the green one is way too cheap for me, I think