Please help describe perfect leather

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  1. I am finally ready to buy my first bbag and am wondering how you describe the perfect leather to a SA over the phone so you know you get an awesome bag?
    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. LOL, I think the trick is finding an SA that is very knowledge about bbags :yes:

    You can see the number of threads where SAs have sent wrong colors, wrong styles, etc.

    IMHO, the best thing to do is get the SA to send you a pic first. :yes: Eliminate all doubt that way.

    As for describing the leather itself, I think the words we use are very subjective. But check out this thread for some bbag girl terms:

    Good luck :heart:
  3. The PERFECT leather is totally a matter of opinion and very subjective as hmwe46 said. Some people LOVE LOVE LOVE the most distressed, wrinkly, smooshy leather and others will tell you that the SMOOTHEST you can find is just the absolute best!
  4. I agree with hgbags in that its a matter of personal taste and opinion.

    I have to be very descriptive and ask for things like veins and even describe what veins are so that they completely understand what I'm talking about. Saying 'really nice leather' could mean anything to anyone.

    It does help if you have an experienced sa. If you don't I just try and be as detailed as I can: is it matte, is it shiny? does it have veins? is the surface of the leather very distressed? how distressed? etc etc etc etc. It can go on forever. If I'm not sure, that's when I have to check it out for myself in person unless I really trust the sa's opinion (and also if its a holy grail or something :shocked: then the sa's talking fades into a dull muffle and all you want to say is 'send it now' regardless of what the friggin leather looks like.)
  5. You guys are so great. Thanks for your input!
  6. ITA!:tup:

    I personally like smooshy, fluffy, light-weight, distressed leather for new bags, but I adore the smooth succulent leather on old bags:heart: I think having pics sent first is the only way to buy Bbags sight unseen!
  7. I like veiny, stressed leather for dark colors, and thick and even leather for lighter ones :yes: