Please help! Decisions decisions which heels - Rockstar or CL

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  1. Hi ladies I have a dilemma. I currently own a pair of the beige Valentino Rockstar and love them to pieces so much I want to buy them in black as well. However, I came across these CL's which look unique and fun to me - something I would definitely wear. I currently do not own a pair of CL shoes. So which ones do you think are a better investment, fashion piece in my closet? I probably would be able to wear the black rockstar shoes more like to work functions and such as the CL's are more going out or date night with my DH. Please help I am so confused! TIA!


  2. Not crazy about this CL model, but thats just me hence Rockstud wins. But if you already own a pair then spread out your investments.
  3. I hate shoes with vinyl pieces!! Valentino gets my vote.
  4. Thanks gals for your input. I have decided to get the valentino's since they are more versatile, classic and just plain hot! Can't wait for their delivery! :smile:
  5. Good decision, I don't own any shoes with vinyl inserts but I can imagine that they will discolor with time... and CL's cut is a lot more narrow than Valentino which is super uncomfortable to me with wide feet