please help, decision bolide color and leather

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  1. Hello ,

    I would be very happy about your help.
    I have the choice between a bolide 27 in green vert anis chevre mysore leather in the shape of the bag remains fixed,
    and a Bolide 27 in orange feu in Swift leather.

    What color is more versatile?
    My wardrobe is mainly gray, black, beige white, light blue, dark blue, rose and dark red.

    Both bags are from a reseller, what's your opinion?

    many thanks for your answers :flowers:
  2. Judging by the description of your wardrobe it sounds like VA seems a generally more wearable choice for you :yes:
  3. I would choose VA especially in chèvre. While I like orange, I'm not a fan of swift. Based on your wardrobe above, VA is the perfect complement and can add the perfect pop.
  4. hello papertiger,
    I think you are right, i guess vert anis actually goes quite well with my wardrobe.
  5. I vote for vert anis.
  6. Va
  7. hallo jyyanks,

    many thanks for your responses

    I`m not a fan of swift either. its quite an unstable Lether ,so that after wearing it for a little while it loses its shape easily,
    But as you both recommend, vert anis should actually go quite well whith my wardrobe.

    Your advices helped me al lot.
    I choose the chevre VA because the Leather is more robust than the Swift Leather.
  8. Thank you,

    Blue Rain and bagitiotic for your opinion

  9. VA gets my vote, I have this color in a Kelly and it's versatile
  10. Another vote for VA. But choose which one your heart sings to the most.
  11. Thanks for Your advices !

    I agree with you , I really think VA is the right color to Choose.
  12. Vert Anis is a gorgeous color and chèvre is beautiful, what a lovely combo!!!
  13. I vote very anis. it is my favorite green. post pics once it's here!
  14. I agree with the other posts about VA. I use a bolide daily and find it a most wearable bag.
  15. I agree. I have a bag in VA, Chevre (not bolide).
    It can be worn in so many situations.
    To me, it is a neutral with a little "extra"
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