PLEASE HELP!!! Decision between White or Yellow Gold MOP ALHAMBRA Necklace

  1. Hello everyone! Although I have been a long time "lurker" on TPF, this is my very first post. I really enjoy all of the beautiful pictures and the wonderful information people share here.....a huge THANKS!!!

    I have FINALLY decided to go for the Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage line 20 motif clover necklace in the MOP, but I can't really decide between the white or yellow gold? I am very casual and wear mostly silver/white gold/platinum. However, my friend is saying that the yellow gold is their classic and also the MOP may not stand out as much with the white gold. What are your opinions???? I do not have a boutique close to where I am so I am not able to see nor try one on in person. Does anyone own any of the white gold/MOP pieces??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me your thoughts and opinions. Thanks in advance!
  2. I was debating between the VCA Alhambra Vingate bracelet in WG w/MOP or YG w/Tiger's Eye. I usually wear WG, but brought a friend with me to the boutique for a second opinion.

    The WG w/MOP is really beautiful, but it is somewhat understated. The YG w/Tiger's Eye "pops" more and in my case, the YG goes better with my skin tone. This is important as the bracelet sits directly on my skin vs. a long necklace.

    If possible, I really would recommend that you see it in person (with a friend) and try them both on.
  3. I have the YG w/MOP. It definitely depends on your skin tone, IMO. I have an olive/wheat complexion and the YG looks better on me than the WG. I also like how the YG can be both casual and dressy, but I suspect it's the same for the WG. VCA will do an exchange w/in a week or two, so you could try out the WG...but, for a purchase this big, I would recommend going to the boutique, if at all possible.
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestions and opinions!

    Cesa_a........that is what I am afraid of when you mentioned that the WG/MOP seems "understated". The MOP is white/creamy and with the white gold, it might not stand out.

    GAMOGIRL......your YG/MOP must be stunning! Did you see the WG/MOP in person and compared the two before you made your decision???

    I understand that the WG was recently introduced to this line in July of '07 so it's still fairly new. I wonder if anyone has heard of any responses (positive/negative) with this introduction since the yellow gold was the only precious metal used for this line since their first introduction in the 70's until now??? How about the opinions from TPF members??? In general, would you go for the WHITE GOLD or YELLOW GOLD regardless of the stone type???

    Thanks again!
  5. I would go for the yellow gold with white mother of pearl, i think it's a s nicer combination as the wmp stands out more with the yellow gold....
    It would be better if you can try them on...:yes:
    Good luck and let us know what you decide
  6. Thank you Vancleef Fan! I will be traveling to Los Angeles and will definitely make a trip to VCA to see the necklaces in person. Hope I come home with something special! Will keep you posted.....
  7. I choose white gold - subtle elegance
  8. personally, i never wouldve thought that i would like wg and mop together, but in person, its just an absolutely stunning combination
  9. Yes, I tried on both WG and YG. I think the consensus here is to try on both metals before buying, as this is a big purchase! If in L.A., I would recommend the Costa Mesa store vs B. Hills for better (i.e. less attitude) customer service, IMO. Best of luck!
  10. You really can't go wrong with either choices! Both are stunning in person and it really is a matter of preference. I usually where silver toned/WG/Plat jewelry and went with the YG/MOP combo. Stood out more with my skin tone. You can always buy another piece later to add variety. I like the WG/black MOP or onyx combo and the WG/tourquoise pieces.

    Good luck and have fun in the store!
  11. Your post inspired to stop into VCA on the way home from work -- very dangerous living in NYC! I prefer the YG/MOP combo and I'm thinking of getting the 10 motif necklace and then a YG/turquoise necklace. I found the staff very helpful.

  12. Were you able to see the WG/MOP in person when you went to the store? I called VCA in NY a few days ago and they are completely sold out of the White Gold with MOP both in the necklace and the bracelet. Please let me know if they had them in stock. Thanks!
  13. Thank you all for your opinions, and suggestions!
  14. i would go with the yellow gold...but thats simply a preference based on the kind of jewelry i typically own and what i think matches my skin tone more but I DO think the Van cleef alhambra necklaces seem to stand out more in yellow gold with the mother of pearl =)
  15. No I didn't see it in the store. I have a friend who has the WG/MOP, so I have seen it before. The sales lady was really pushing YG/MOP maybe because the WG is sold out!!

    I think the stock may be low because its right after the holidays. I wanted to see the bracelet and earrings in solid gold and they did not have these in stock only the necklace. They also did not have the YG/MOP earrings in stock. Good thing I'm not ready to buy!