Please help deciding Chanel exotic python classic flap

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  1. Hi all,
    I went to Chanel boutiques yesterday and I saw this python classic flap as part of Cruise 2013/2014. I saw it first on Chanel website and I love it based on the color on the website. Then I saw it yesterday in real life and inside the store, the blue does not really come out, it is more like very dark navy. The hardware is dark metal, I think ruthenium. The outside has been coated and flat, so the skin is not flaky if you know what I mean.

    And then I found this on purseforum that someone else just bought this python in large boy:

    The one in the store only has this classic flap in size M/L. They also have other python colors like orange and red in size Small and M/L.

    Do you think this python color with this hardware is nicer in size Small or M/L? Price wise, the Small is a little bit more than classic flap maxi but the M/L is almost twice the price.

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  2. I would not buy python or any snake. I have in the past. I've had the best bags and $5K shoes and although it's beautiful, all snake peels. Do you see the little bits of the scales that come up. When they dry out, that' s it. You can glue a few back, but there's little to be done. Just know if you buy it, wear it and enjoy it because once it begins to dry, that's it.
  3. It is a glazed python and it does have ruthenium hardware. I think it's stunning, and the dark navy color is quite versatile. If you don't like the color, there are others, such as the fuchsia, orange, red, and others. I think the M/L is a great size. But I may be biased. :smile:

    Also, Chanel SA said that it can be sent in if the glaze coating has any issues or such. There are also products sold just for exotic leathers such as snake, to help it to not dry out.
  4. This is unrelated, but I was wondering if it is at all possible to dye a Chanel timeless python bi-colored bag to be one color? I received a beautiful Chanel timeless medium bag in python for my birthday in 2013, its bi-colored in beige (like a camel beige) and turquoise/baby blue, I absolutely love it, yet I find it super hard to wear with lots of my clothes, does anyone know if it is at all possible for a Chanel boutique to dye the bag into one color for me? As in change the color or the python? Or does anyone know any places in Europe or the UK who would do a good job for me without damaging the leather?
    Thank you so much in advance for any replies!

  5. Tutu, where can I find products for snake skin leather? Need to start taking care of my beauties!
  6. Please see my response to you where you posted the same inquiry in the lambskin maintenance thread.
  7. For this you should do a thorough search of leather care sites and board to see if this is something you wish to take on. I've seen many recommending Saphir but you really should research this to see if this is something you wish to undertake.
  8. Properly cared for exotic skins can last many, many decades. If they do dry out, yes, not much can be done, but it's foolish to let them get to that state.
  9. Thank you so much for your super fast reply and the link! Now that i have all my information straight i can make a fully informed decision. Super helpful and thank you again 'tutushopper'!

  10. Thanks. I kinda have been avoiding it as it's one more project! But I guess it's time...
  11. Indeed, some things do cost a bit of time, but it's time well spent. :smile:

  12. Hello! I have the large boy in the navy python and love it!!! The lighting in the store does not do it justice. You should see if your SA will let you take it outside to natural light. When in sunlight this python turns to a beautiful royal blue. It is gorgeous!
  13. I have never seen snake last many decades. It peels before that. Whether Chanel or any other brand, the tiny bits of skin are already coming up. Yes it will last years. But then, little by little, the scales will begin to flip up and you can only glue them a little at a time. Not much can be done about. It's a high end luxury item and I've had snake items for 20 years but after about 7-8 years they do not look the same, and they begin to ruin. Snake is the worst of all due to the miniature scales. Enjoy and wear it once purchased. It's not a bag to put away, because as it dries nothing can be done.
  14. Well, tell that to my vintage bag that's been around for quite some time (pink python). It's doing just fine and it's more than 30 years old (inherited). No fallen scales and certainly not been touched by glue.
  15. That boy bag looks tacky. The flap for sure it will never go out of style and the color is perfection!