Please help decide

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  1. I need a classic/functional black bag. So I was thinking of a nice EPI leather. But I can't decide between Petit Noe or St. Jacques. BTW, the bag can't over power me since I'm on the petite side (4'11"). I'm also not that young (early 40s). It could be a shoulder bag or hand held. If you think of any other bag, please do not hesitate to give me other suggestions.

    Thanks Ladies/Gents:yes:
  2. I think St.Jacques is better
  3. I prefer Petit Noe :smile: how with mandara?
  4. What's mandara?
  5. St jacques is a great size bag, not sure though it may a litlle too large for you?...
    What about the timeless chic of the epi alma!!!:love: It is gorgeous!!
  6. What about passy or speedy? Both very classy/functional bags!
  7. Petit Noe sounds like it would be a better size for you.
  8. Go with Petit Noe. The St. Jacques' handles may be a bit too long for you.
  9. I think the Petit Noe would be better for you of the two you listed, but I highly recommend the black Epi Speedy 25. I :heart: mine!
  10. Of the two, I would choose petit noe. However, I have to put in a plug for the epi speedy! It's fab!
  11. I guess it won't hurt to consider another speedy;) . So far Jacques is out. Thanks for all the replies ladies...
  12. Just saw the style
  13. I like the Petit Noe
  14. I'm not a huge fan of the Noé, but I'd like to suggest the Alma... best shape ever!
  15. i vote for the petit noe. :biggrin: