Please help decide summer vacation?!

  1. My husband and I have a two week window without our son (end of July and beginning of August) and we can't decide what to do. I really want to go to Europe but neither of us speak anything but english. We thought we'd take a cruise and see what we like but most of the cruises only spend 12 hours in France and I really want to spend more time there. We thought maybe we should take an escorted tour but there are so many to chose from that I just got totally overwhelmed. Please give us some ideas as to what you have done and has worked for you or if there is somewhere you think we should absolutely not miss seeing. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  2. Husband and I took an escorted Tauck tour to Spain a few years ago and it was terrific. Not inexpensive, but the hotels were deluxe and in great locations, dining was mostly a la carte, and there seemed to be adequate free time--not every minute was spent sitting on a bus.

    I also think Italy is not to be missed--any part of Italy. And enough Italians speak English that you'll get along fine. (wish the U.S. did a better job teaching foreign languages)

    If I'm not mistaken, that time of the summer is vacation time for Europeans. So, tPF'ers in Europe--how would that affect one's vacation there?
  3. Thanks for the info. I think I'll just have to keep researching. I think Spain sounds great too. I'd love to to England, France, Italy and Spain in one visit if I could. So much to see and such little time to do it in!
  4. I love England and Scotland, too. Have you been to France previously?
  5. you should go to JAPAN instead...i head that place is AWSOME...!!!
  6. far east is a great destination :flowers:
  7. Try "Untours"! They're awesome!
  8. Do remember that if you go to France in August that is when the french take their hols as it's the peak of the hot weather. They do it en masse as well so many things are shut down in that month particularly in the big cities - it's still an amazing country though! Great food and wine.
  9. Yep if you go to France, I would rather go to Paris in July, in august it's "empty", but if you come down here (Provence and Côte d'Azur) in august everything is rather crowded.
    You can start in Paris and then go down here continue to Italie etc...I really don't like organised tours I prefer to pick and choose.
  10. Going to Europe you have many options! I would recommend taking a trip a Mediterranean country like Italy or Spain or Greece (touring Athens for a few days) and then taking the tour of some of the Greek islands! If you check with a travel agent or with an online travel service like orbitz, expedia, etc. I find that they usually have some good package deals! Plus there is a really good travel agency out of New York called 'Homeric Tours' that sets up trips and cruises to Greece, Italy, etc. They tend to have good or reasonable prices. Greece is also a good option because if you don't want to just limit your self to one European country you can also visit others like going to Italy which is right next door and very easily accessible from mainland Greece and the island of Corfu. I also think that there are Mediterranean cruise packages available that tour Greece, Italy, Spain, France, etc.

    Regarding the language differences I wouldn't worry too much, in Greece for example most ppl speak a second language and almost always you will find someone who speaks some English. In Italy the same thing, although I found that in Italy some of the locals didn't speak it (or didn't want to admit speaking it) but my sister and I had no problems getting around in Rome, especially at the hotels, they always spokeEnglish!

    Regarding vacation time for Europeans. It is true that in some European countries like Greece, France, Italy, Spain too I think, they tend to take there vacations during the month of August, which means that some of the major cities empty out and the locals go on holiday and a lot of the state run facilities like museums, etc. might not always be open or are on the summer schedule. I think the best time to tour Europe is during the more off season months. I know that a lot of ppl like to travel to Europe in the fall or in the spring! But it comes down to preference! As long as you are dealilng with a good and reputable travel agency you shouldn't have any problems planning or executing your trip!

    Sorry I know this was long but I hope it helped!
  11. Have u been to tegernsee 40minutes away from Munich Germany?? Its heaven..

    I went there about 1 yr ago and it was fabulous! my DH and i stayed in Seehotel Uberfahrt Tegernsee and its breathtaking... This hotel is amazing! u should definitely try it out!
  12. Thanks so much for all of the information. It is good to know that it is crowded in France during that time. We are both teachers so with having summers off we thought it might work but maybe we'll do the cruise and check out a few countries. That way we'll get a taste of everything and not have the problem of being overcrowded. Thanks again for so many suggestions and if you have more I am always open to hearing them!