Please help decide: Speedy 30 Mini Lin or Damier Canvas

  1. Hi guys,
    I need your help in deciding whether I should get the Mini Lin or Damier Canvas Speedy.

    The Mini Lin looks not like a regular LV Speedy because its cotton, but is more expensive the the Damier Canvas. I think they are the same size.

    Thanks guys![​IMG]
  2. damier
  3. i'm not really a fan of the minilin. damier is really tasteful, especially the azur!
  4. Thanks.. I think they are same size, only the material is diff
  5. Damier Canvas unless you'll go for Mini Lin Dune :smile: I've sold ( on another site ) over 8 Mini Mono pieces and feel bored with Mini Mono after than, so I'll enc you for Damier ;)
  6. I would go with the damier.
  7. Thanks you guys its 4-0! :smile:
  8. So, what's your final decision? :p
  9. I have the Damier 25 and want a 30 too! I love this canvas, my vote is damier!!!
  10. I'm in the minority. I prefer Mini lin over Damier unless it's Azur though.
  11. I love both, but didnt like the speedy in Damier, got a hampstead instead. i have the mini lin speedy in dune, it's so different from other LV's I love it, I want the ebene next.Damier is my fav though, very classic. Just didnt like the speedy on me.
  12. I like both but I have the Mini Lin and I love how it's made of cloth not canvas and it doesn't look like a "typical" Speedy.
  13. me eithet not a fan of the mini lin... get the damier
  14. I haven't really decided yet. I'm so torn still. I like the Mini Lin coz it looks so much different than the others because of its fabric. It looks though as if it would sag more than the Damier.
  15. I'd go for the mini lin. The fabric gives it that extra ummpphh in style and class and my SA said that as it ages, the pattern will acquire a nice sheen because of the linen content. Goodluck with your choice and remember to post pics!!!