Please help decide on sizing!

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  1. I recently fell in love with the 16 cobalt blue but can't decide if I want to get it in a WOC, mini rectangle or M/L. With my Chanels I tend to stick to safer colors (black, beige, grey.. I added a red for a pop of color) so I'm not too sure how often i'd really carry the blue; but I am so in love and know that I must add it to my collection. Here is where I'm at, the WOC is more cost efficient and makes for a more casual look but it's a bit limited on space. I like that the mini rectangle can be worn cross body and gives me a little more space but am worried it would still be too small. M/L is probably my favorite size flap, but I feel like it might be a bit on the pricey side for a purse I feel I may not carry too often. Another thing that's making it a bit harder for me to decide is that I've never actually seen a mini rectangle in person to decide if it's the right size. Does anybody have any pictures of them carrying one? {I am 5'3) Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read my post =)
  2. I would go with the chanel mini retangular flap. You would be surprised on how much the mini can hold. The mini rectangular can hold as much as the small flap. I am also 5 foot 3 inches and I wear my mini crossbody. If you check out the chanel clubhouse for minis, you should find a lot of mod shots with the mini flap and the youtube videos are helpful as well. The only downside to the mini flaps is that they are very hard to find in the United States. If you live in Europe, you should have a easier time finding a mini flap. In addition, I do agree with your statement above that the woc is too small. I actually purchased a woc and used it a couple of times, so it ended up sitting in my closet and sold it. If you have the budget for the m/l flap, then go for it! I have seen the m/l flap in blue and my heart just sang! This is a great size and it will fit all your essentials. Since the bag is blue, the color will go with a lot of outfits in your closet. I know this is a tough decision, but it really depends on what you want. Which bag makes your heart sing? I probably wasn't much help, but I wish you the best. And remember, Chanel bags are meant to be worn, not sitting in a closet. Good luck deciding!
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461669294.143829.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461669325.687581.jpg
    Some photos for your reference:smile: its perfect as a crossbody. Quite a few members have said a mini fits about just as much as a medium? Definitely enough for your basic necessity..good luck with ur decision ' and please do a reveal!
  4. I am also 5'3" and have all three. As much as I love my WOC, it has very specific uses for me, so if you are looking for something more versatile, I would skip it. To be honest, the M/L doesn't hold too much more than the mini, so you can't go wrong with either size. Although the mini can go cross body, I think the M/L size is ultimately more versatile since it is the prefect size to dress up and down. Good luck deciding!
  5. A vote for the mini here! I have all three bags, and I find myself reaching for my mini the most. It's like the best of all worlds - you can carry it crossbody (unlike the M/L), but it fits more than the WOC. You had also mentioned that you may not necessarily want a huge pop of color, so I think the rectangular mini fits all of your requirements.
  6. Rectangular mini for all of the reasons stated above. I have all three sizes and the mini gets the most love. If you look under the Reference section I have a thread about the mini vs WOC with mod pics buried inside the thread. But you should try to see what you can downsize on. I use a card holder instead of a wallet in my mini, so if you like large wallets then the mini is not for you. Good luck!
  7. does the color come in something that is an SLG - small leather good - like a wallet, coin purse? you might enjoy having it in a smaller item, if available, and it would be a better value since you'd likely use and enjoy it more. if you must only decide between woc/mini.. the mini imo is the better value.
  8. One more vote for the Rectangular Mini. I have the 16C Cobalt Blue Rect. Mini and I love it!
    I had a woc but I rarely used it. Just too small and not practical for me.
    the M/L is hard to wear crossbody. The chain is not long enough. The Rectangular is perfect to wear crossbody or shoulder if you shorten the chain on the inside. It can fit more than you think. :smile:

    Good luck deciding!
  9. Mini! I have a WOC but I rarely use it anymore. I like the way the mini looks too compared to the WOC. It's small enough for a pop of color but it'll hold your essentials.
  10. In terms of how things fit in rec mini vs m/l:
    Mini definitely does NOT fit as much as a m/l can - I have tried transferring my m/l things in a rec mini, wallet and sunglasses did not fit.
    However, mini is so cute that you can just downsize what you carry! I am just saying they don't fit the same :smile:
  11. +1 I agree! If you already have the neutral bags and the red as a pop of colour, you said you're not sure if you will wear the blue so maybe an SLG is better idea! Better value if you use it lots! I like to buy colours for SLGs also.
  12. I'm new to here so i'm not sure how to reply to everyone in one message =/ I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to my post. To the ladies who suggested SLG, those aren't really my thing. I am strictly purses now.. with the exception of WOCs :smile:

    To everybody else, thank you all! I'm probably ruling out the WOC but I am still stuck between the mini and the M/L! i will keep everybody updated, have a great one ladies!!!

  13. I finally got with the program and figured out how to reply to multiple people at once I was browsing on my MacBook before but now I am mobile :smile: I just wanted to thank everybody for taking the time to give me their input! I actually got side tracked and ended up getting an old medium white multi-leather boy lol. Still undecided on the size for the blue, but for now I am mentally preoccupied with the white, waiting for it to come home.
  14. The old medium boy is a better bag. Congrats!
  15. Thank you! He should be arriving tomorrow!