Please Help decide my first Bag.

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  1. I found some good deals and so far the ones I want are the Monogram Papillon 30 & Vernis monogram Bedford. In other designers I want to get the Marc Jacobs Hobo Stam since it's the only black stam I could find and the Damen Bowler Bag. Then there's also the Burberry Nove Check Tote.

    I like ones that are versatile, from everyday to special occasion and maybe even day to night. I'm stuck because I can only choose 2 and I keep changing my decision. I prefer to get one of the Marc Jacobs and either of the two depending on what looks better. Weight is not an issue. So what should I get? and what should I leave in the hopes of something better popping up?

    Thanks to those who reply.
  2. I vote for the Burberry tote and the MJ Hobo Stam among the purses you mentioned. But, I can't resist suggesting the Artsy or the Galliera purse as an alternative.
    Yet in the end, follow your gut and go with what makes you giddy/happy. Goodluck deciding.
  3. ^+1...I just bought the Galliera and love it...I also love the look of the Artsy, just tried it on the other day at LV. I used to have a papillon and lvoed it but now I think it would not be functional. I now look for bags that have pockets. Agree tho, in the end you know what will make you happy so go for that!
  4. I think the Artsy and Galliera are a bit too big for me but the Galliera is cute. Thanks for your advice. I'm just stuck between the LV Bedford and the Burberry.
  5. The LV Bedford! Vernis is my fav line :biggrin:
  6. If it just between the two I would pick the LV Bedford.:smile:
  7. lv bedford!!
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone, I ordered the Marc Jacobs hobo stam and the LV Bedford in Beige. :smile: