Please help de decide

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  1. I am looking to purchase my first Gucci bag, a Sukey medium tote. I have decided on the GG canvas but cannot make up my mind between the dark brown trim and the off white trim. Going strictly on looks, which trim color do you think looks better?

    Thank you!
  2. Tough choice! I guess I would go with the brown... More year round? But I do wear white all year anyway so I'm not much help!
  3. White for me. More chic and classy!
  4. Thank you! I am leaning towards white. In will be making my decision in the next couple of days. Any one else want to weigh in? :0)
  5. I think the white if it were to be my Summer bag but brown if I wanted it all year round.

    From your lovely long list of your collection on your sig I see you have quite a few great all-year-round bags already, so the white would be a good choice considering you are well stocked with your LV Mono/DE browns, black and red leather and only one DA piece.

    Look forward to your reveal, whichever you choose :graucho:
  6. Thanks! My decision is more about which color looks better with the gg canvas. I would wear either color year round plus I have other bags that are year round like you said. I wanted to get opinions on which trim tpfers think looks better because I keep going back and forth. The brown seems more of a classic look but the white seems younger and it looks fresher. Still on the fence on which is more pleasing to the eye but leaning towards white.
    Thank you for your responses!
  7. The white looks fresh but it's a great bag regardless of which color you choose
  8. This is a little bit late response, but I prefer the brown with the GG canvas. To me, it just looks more classic.