please help-Day Bags-orange?

  1. Hi everyone! I love this website! A question for everyone: I just bought my first Bbag on eBay-the Day tote...but now I'm worried after reading all of the horror stories! Was there an orange in 2006?
  2. There was a dark, burnt orange color call rouille in spring 2006. I think I saw the auction you won - it was authentic.
  3. In Spring there was a rust/reddish orange called's some pics of what it looks like.
    RouilleCity1.jpg Family1 (2).jpg
  4. Ahh! THANK YOU so much for answering my question! Of course you saw the auction-you ladies don't seem to miss a thing around here! I really appreciate the help. :smile:
  5. That is such a gorgy color. Congrats!
  6. Thank you! :smile:

    And thanks for the atelier.naff tip! What a great resource. You all are the BEST.