Please help - Cruise Marina PM or Cruise Speedy? Which color?

  1. The Cruise line will be arriving soon and I saw a picture of the speedy on the forum. It's so HOT. Now my dilema, which one to get, the Marina PM or the Speedy?

    I saw the picture of the Marina PM a few months ago here and waitlisted for it in blue but now I see the picture of the speedy too and I like it as well. I can only get one so I need your thoughts. I haven't seen either one IRL yet so it's harder to decide, but my concerns are:

    1 - the shape of the Marina PM reminds me of the Mini Momogram Francoise from a few years ago. Marina looks like it has a pleat in the center. Does anyone remember the Francoise for comparison? Would it be silly to have 2 very similar bags? I do like the option of carrying on the arm or over the shoulder with the strap though.

    2 - Speedy seems a lot roomier but I'm afraid of the sag factor that everyone talks about. If I put a lot of things in, will the bag looked deformed? Since it's mini lin fabric, will it wear well or should I consider a regular speedy instead. I'm afraid the fabric may get little fuzzies over time from rubbing against coats and rough surfaces.

    3 - Color transfer. Will there be an issue with color transfer. The bag and the handles are so light so they may get dirty really easily and then look gross. And with the handles being so light, will they turn yellow over time?

    4 - Which color is better? Red or blue? FYI, I have the Francoise in Khaki and a Josephine in Cherry.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions!
  2. There will definitely be an issue with color transfer...happened to my white MC and azur. I like the speedy in blue.
  3. I prefer the Marina
  4. Im nervous about the color transfer on the fabric more than on the handles..what do you girls think?
  5. ITA!:tup:The light fabric is obviously a magnet for dirt and stains unless you are extremely cautious when using it. Cute though.
  6. I'm worried about dirt. It's light fabric and somehow, dirt mysteriously accumulates on clean fabric surfaces. If all goes well, my boutique has received some of the cruise line and I will be able to take a look today, but I'm not sure. Personally I prefer the Marina although I have a feeling it will be too slim for my liking.
  7. i don't think i can be much help to your questions, but i too am very excited and nervous for this line. i'm worried about the mini fabric showing dirt and wear easily. i love the colors and design. its refeshing! but i also can't decide on which color to get.... i waitlisted both colors. we'll see if i decide to take one home soon though, nov 1st is right around the corner!
  8. I want the Marina so bad but I dont think Ill get it because of the potential color transfer/becoming very dirty issue..Ill try to save up a little more for a black denim cabby MM..but I like this one better ugh! Ill see how it looks IRL on thursday and decide if its worth taking the plunge!
  9. I love the Marina in Blue.. I think if you are careful with it, you shouldn't have a problem getting it dirty...
  10. I think I'm going to ask my SA to waitlist me for the Marina PM in red as well and also for the Speedy in both colors. I can't decide right now without having seeing them. So far, I'm not getting any votes for the Speedy though so maybe my 1st choice was right. :yes: